Get C9300-48S-A and C9300-48S-E switches from Switch Tech Supply


Get C9300-48S-A and C9300-48S-E switches from Switch Tech Supply

C9300-48S-A are stackable data sheets that provide you with resiliency and high availability to protect your enterprise completely. Moreover, they hav

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C9300-48S-A are stackable data sheets that provide you with resiliency and high availability to protect your enterprise completely. Moreover, they have flexible downlink options with 25G, 10G, and 1G Copper and Fiber in addition to the densest Multigigabit links for power connections.

C9300-48S-E crystal series switches are stackable company switching platforms that design for security purposes. These series platforms have high-density wifi 6 and 802.11 ac. Moreover, they provide you with 2 access points to experience a fast-speed network.

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Features of C9300-48S-A:

The series switches are designed to provide IEEE 802.1ba AV Bridging (AVB) to provide a better audio and video experience with improved time synchronization. Moreover, its central processing unit is x86 design and has a lot of memory, allowing it to run third-party applications.

The resilient and economical power design options include Cisco Stack Power, which delivers high-density Power over a local area network and (PoE+), 60W Cisco Universal Power over a local area network (Cisco UPOE), and 90W Cisco UPOE+ ports.

These series switches contain IPv6 support in hardware, providing wire-rate for IPv6 networks, and the most important thing about these series switches is that they give an easy transition from 40G to 100G and 10G to 25G with dual-rate optics to your system.

Moreover, these series switches support OS and IOS XE patching, which helps fix bugs and security between regular maintenance. This feature makes it easy for software maintenance patches to allow no longer wait for the next upgrade release.

The most important thing in this model is its IPsec encryption, which delivers secure end-to-end encrypted traffic between sites and connectivity to the Cloud so nothing can harm your network connection.

These series switches allow the enterprise to customize their DNS filtering policies to stop BYOD or IoT guests from accessing inappropriate websites if you do not have to trust the MSP to push the policies out from the network.

Features of C9300-48S-E:

Some important features make these series switches performance up to the mark. Therefore, you can experience smooth and seamless network connections. Because they have USB, 2.0 slots to load system images and set configurations so you can get the best visual experience.

Stackable bandwidth in these series switches is designed for stacking as a single virtual switch, which allows you to own a single management plane and control plane for up to 448 access ports. Along with that, it has Up to 1 Tbsp.

Dual stack support in these series switches, support for IPv4/IPv6, and dynamic hardware forwarding table allocations for ease of your enterprise IPv4-to-IPv6 migration. Therefore, you can connect from a wide range whether you are in an office or a residence.

These switches have the Cisco UADP 2.0 Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) with programmable pipeline and micro-engine capabilities. Moreover, it comes with a template-based allocation of Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding and Access Control Lists ACLs.

These series switches have two types of cables: copper and fiber. This mix of lines in these switches Copper 1G up to 10G and Fiber 1G up to 25G support a single stack. This feature provides 2-Tier, 3-Tier, and Hybrid structures.


In this post, we get to know all information about the above series switches. They are designed to meet a new hybrid world. You can buy them from the 100% original product provider store Switch Tech Supply.