Sun. Jun 26th, 2022
CAT 7 Ethernet cable

We live in a world that demands every individual to work at faster equations and be a part of the rat race. With such a scenario, having fast network connectivity is all that would add sparkles of happiness. A fast internet connection would mean better productivity and faster results. With so much work pressure in the bucket, it would be great to opt for ethernet cables. Wi-Fi could be a convenient option but probably not the fastest.

Wondering why ethernet cables could be a great option? They are the safest and the fastest medium of connecting to the internet. However, there are many types of ethernet cable options, cat 7 flat ethernet cable could be a great choice if you are looking for the best. Are you a bit skeptical about choosing ethernet cables over Wi-Fi? Well, we understand. This article will enlighten you about the goodness ethernet cables have to offer.

Exploring ethernet cables in brief

Technology has advanced over the last decade, and with that, ethernet cables have emerged as one of the most powerful tools for the internet savvy. If you love gaming, ethernet cables could turn out to be a great choice for better performance. Choose Ethernet LAN cable and experience a faster connection. You can connect it with printers, scanners, or any compatible device. Want to send an important document? Choose ethernet over Wi-Fi. Your file will be sent securely and at a faster rate. There’s a lot to explore when it comes to ethernet cables. So keep reading to know more about it.

Are Ethernet cables a better choice than Wi-Fi?

Many people choose Wi-Fi for its portable advantage. But is that enough? Can it be faster and safer when compared to the ethernet cable? Probably not. Want to get answers to all your questions? Listed are the goodness of an ethernet cable. Keep reading and get enlightened.

  • Safe data transmission: Data transmission with ethernet cable got even safer. Wondering how? Ethernet cables provide security to the network bandwidth resulting in the safe transmission of huge files. With Wi-Fi, data transmission is more exposed to risk factors.
  • Great to larger files: Want to send larger files or struggle to back up data? Or are streaming videos getting troublesome? Or there may be a situation where you have to attend an important office meeting. However, an unstable network might not be the right way to go ahead with. Ethernet cables could solve the issue and make things easier.
  • Higher bandwidth: What could be better than having a medium that can provide higher bandwidth? An Ethernet connection can provide bandwidth up to 10GBps.
  • Way more credible medium: An ethernet cable could provide a more reliable medium when compared to Wi-Fi.
  • What’s more?: A great route to pertain with devices like CCTV cameras, LED lighting, monitoring systems, etc. Moreover, an ethernet cable would provide faster connectivity without fail.

Are there any drawbacks of using an ethernet cable?

Undoubtedly, ethernet cables have a lot of benefits to offer, but just like any other thing, it does have their drawbacks. Listed down are a few of them.

  • Ethernet cables could limit the usage because it is connected via a wire.
  • It can only give connectivity to a single device.


You must be aware of the goodness and drawbacks ethernet cable has to offer. Make sure you explore the goodness and drawbacks of both the medium of internet connectivity and choose the one which suits your requirement. Wondering where to find an ethernet cable? You can find the best ethernet cables online or at a store near you.

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