Why Is Dairy Farming Recommended in India?


Why Is Dairy Farming Recommended in India?

India is famous for its agriculture, and animal husbandry is part of it. Raising cattle is a practice wherein the farmers' pet livestock animals and u

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India is famous for its agriculture, and animal husbandry is part of it. Raising cattle is a practice wherein the farmers’ pet livestock animals and use them for milk, labour, or meat. Agriculture keeps farmers busy for several months, and they have no other source of income during that time. Thus, dairy farming is recommended for them. Milk is an essential household item, but its purity is in question these days. Probably because of the lack of resources. In such a scenario, encouraging dairy farming becomes important.

Dairy farming requires a few things, including good-quality cattle, their management, and space for their farming. The land requirement depends on the number of cattle you have. If you have five buffaloes, for example, you will need a 4m2 covered area and an 8 m2 uncovered area. Likewise, you will have to maintain that space, which will be dedicated to animals only.

How Can Dairy Farming be Profitable?

Dairy farming requires a little investment that may lead to great profits in the long run. If you expect profits within the first year of the business, it might not fulfil your expectations. However, if you diligently invest in new items to complete the setup, you will receive a windfall.

  • Choosing the Right Breed: The Murrah buffalo breed is the best. Murrah can be found in Haryana as well as surrounding regions like Punjab and Delhi. The biggest milk production capacity is in Murrah, where you can anticipate receiving 10 to 12 litres of milk daily. You can earn several lakhs in a few months even if you only raise five Murrah buffaloes. All you need to do is get a genuine, pure breed.
  • Shed Management: Although Murrah buffaloes can tolerate inclement weather, you nevertheless need to construct sheds for them to keep them cosy throughout the day.
  • Water Supply: Because it is a requirement, a sufficient water supply is important. Buffaloes value water in many different ways, but occasionally they just want to be in it. Therefore, you must guarantee that there is enough water available in farming areas. Water helps buffaloes survive longer by regulating their body temperatures.
  • Feed Management: Animals also require food to survive. Therefore, before setting up, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about buffalo feed management. You are unable to feed them what you eat. The better the food quality you offer, the better milk it will produce. To meet nutritional requirements, you can use oilcake, concentrates, green fodder, etc.
  • Waste Management: You must manage the waste of animals because they are unable to do so on their own. Make sure you have enough room for garbage disposal. You might even need help with this task.

If your cattle are healthy and safe, then only you can earn profits. In a nutshell, your profit is dependent on the quality of the cattle and the life you are giving them.

Profit Margin in Dairy Farming in India

A dairy farm’s income is influenced by several variables. These are the numbers that appear when we attempt to estimate the income: In cities, a litre of milk costs about Rs. 60. When one buffalo produces at least 15 litres of milk every day, the income from selling that buffalo’s milk is about Rs. 900.

The approximate profit per animal for a day is Rs. 770 after deducting the cost of the cattle feed, which works out to about Rs. 130 per day for a buffalo. These are merely approximations that have been generated using just two variables: the cost of feeding the animals and the selling price of the milk.

Due to its high-profit margin, dairy farming is the most recommended business in the agricultural sector. People who do not own land can start businesses with the help of loans and leased land. The government is also ready to help farmers encourage the production of the original breed of Murrah buffalo. You can get a cash prize.

Where Should I Buy Cattle from?

MeraPashu360 is a digital setup that allows you to find the best Murrah buffalo at low prices. You can even find high-quality feed and veterinary services on this application. So, you can now buy bhens online and have them delivered to your door.

The Final Thought

Dairy farming can fetch profits in a few months or a year. Even if you rear five Murrah buffaloes, it can give you a windfall of a few lakhs in just a few months. All you need is to buy an original, pure breed.