Sun. Jun 26th, 2022
Commercial Bathroom

A bathroom is not just an important necessity for your residential premise but your commercial place as well. And having a clean, efficient and spacious bathroom is important for people to use the space for their needs comfortably.

Time and again commercial properties go for renovation. It may be entire structure or certain aspects, and sometimes it can be your bathroom only. Bathroom renovation can be because of several reasons including to cater more people, improve functionality, enhanced aesthetics and much more.

When you are looking for commercial bathroom renovations, it is something that needs to be done with proper planning in consultation with a professional designer or contractor. Alongside that there are several things that you need to know and understand which we are going to discuss here.

Importance of Commercial Bathroom Renovation

·         Employee Satisfaction

If you go to a place for interview and when you are taking a breaking and witness untidy and unpleasant bathroom, then there are chances that you don’t want to work there. Yes, how cleaned and efficient the bathroom is, is a big aspect for employees to choose a working place. From morning to evening your employees will be using the bathroom multiple times and therefore having a pleasant experience there is something that they want primarily.

·       Health Hygiene

Better sanitation is directly proportional to one’s health. Hygiene in the bathroom space is an important factor that leads to how healthy the entire environment is. Working flush, pleasant smell, proper storage of all the times, efficient water disposal and all are highly necessary to look at when you are looking to renovate your bathroom.

·         Corporate Reputation

The better your entire environment is, including the bathroom space, the better repute you command in front of all. Modern, aesthetic-appealing and efficiently functional bathroom is also important for your organizational repute.

Tips to Follow for Commercial Bathroom Renovation

·         Blend it With Building Design Theme

Your bathroom should blend well with the theme your commercial building or property follows. For a traditional bathroom you can create a fusion of traditional plus contemporary design to bring in modern feel inside the bathroom space.

·         Have Room for Enough Storage

Soaps, towels and more; all these needful items are needed in high amount on a daily basis for a public-use bathroom. Therefore your bathroom storage should be built to have enough storage for the needful items ensuring you never run of these essentials.

·         Focus on Fixtures

Leaking sinks, lights that are fading or don’t work, broken faucets, and more; your bathroom fixtures have to be in fine working condition and durable. Make sure to work on all these aspects at once, and have quality products installed so as to avoid frequent repairs.

·         Leverage Advanced Technology

Everyone wants a commercial bathroom to reflect a modern finish with fusion of technology whilst also being clean and hygienic. Thereby, features like automatic soap dispensers, electric hand dryers, waterless urinals and as such provides high-end feel whilst also helping you to save on water and energy consumption.

·         Think About Saving Water

We have a moral duty towards our environment, and this is something that you must work upon when remodelling your bathroom. So, functions like single-flush rather than double-flush, and faucet restrictors, motion detectors for the sink are some examples of the aspects you should integrate in your bathroom to save on water.

·         Implement Cleanliness Steps

From flooring to tiling and other factors, you must have integrations in the bathroom that promote cleanliness and are easy to maintain without causing any frequent recurring problem of water puddles on the ground, or chipped corners or as such.

Make sure to plan your budget upfront factoring in your requirement and what type of end-result you are looking to achieve with your bathroom renovation. Consult your bathroom renovation specialist pertaining to each and every aspect including bathroom design, theme, fixtures, budget and everything else. Whether it is commercial bathroom renovation or shower installation in Dublin for your residential premise, proper planning is something that will get you achieve the purpose efficiently.

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