Why checking your mental health is important?


Why checking your mental health is important?

Most books on leadership and training courses focus mental health on the ways leaders can do greater results, do more, and quicker, and with amazing o

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Most books on leadership and training courses focus mental health on the ways leaders can do greater results, do more, and quicker, and with amazing outcomes. We’ve been obsessed with constant advancement at an ever-increasing rate which has led to increased stress levels for leaders as well as their followers, as well as deteriorating relationships. The practice of mindfulness as an exercise in leadership and as a part of the workplace culture has the potential to restore balance and improve health.

Ray Williams is the president of Ray Williams Associates, a company based in Vancouver offering professional coaching and speaking services. The author is Eye of the Storm: how mindful leaders transform Chaotic workplaces, The Leadership Edge, Breaking Bad Habits, the novel Dragon Tamer, co-author of Systemic Change: Touchstones For the Future green apple cbd gummies School, and Ready, Aim, Influence. The author has also been featured or written for various publications such like The Washington Post, USA Today, The Huffington Post, The National Post, The Financial Post, Entrepreneur, MacLeans, and Salon.

management and leadership literature

Most contemporary management and leadership literature is a predictive recasting of 19thand 20th century institutional thinking-multitasking, bigger, better, faster; planning, analysis, and problem-solving. It’s like working on steroids.

Although leadership effectiveness is determined by the outcomes they get, the outcomes are a result of the effect that the leaders have on the people around them. It is driven by thought and emotions. Emotions and thoughts can result from awareness or mindlessness.

Research in neuroscience has proven that we think, act and act through the inner forces that are usually ignite cbd sport cream unconscious, and our brain’s protective and reactive mechanisms are often in charge. Research has also pointed to the fact that emotions are transmissible and infecting people in workplace, usually triggered by the emotional state of the leaders.

There’s a cost to pay for our blazing speed to continually improve and create.

In an article published in Forbes Magazine the professors Cyril Bouquet and Ben Bryant refer to the fatal collision between two Boeing 747’s in the Canary Islands in 1977, that killed 583 people was an example of inadequate attention management. They assert that two kinds of attention disorders are responsible for the problems that companies face during recessions: fixation and relaxation. When it comes down to fixation, managers are too focused on certain central signals or data; they are unable to focus on all other things. When it comes to relaxing, Bouquet as well as Bryant argue that excessive rest is a result of prolonged periods of concentration. The authors suggest that mindfulness could lessen the problems with attention such as fixation and relaxation.

The pressures of leadership can cause what’s called “power stress,” a consequence of being in an area of influence and power. This frequently leaves even the top leaders emotionally and physically exhausted. In the end, leaders may find themselves changing away from the “approach” orientation to their emotionally open, engaged, and creative toward the “avoidance” orientation that is marked by aversion, anger and fear, as well as aggression and apathy.