Zombies fans desperately need a fix with six months remaining until the start of the next season of The Walking Dead. We have some content marketing a

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Zombies fans desperately need a fix with six months remaining until the start of the next season of The Walking Dead. We have some content marketing advice for zombie marketers that you can learn from the dead.

The most obvious requirement is for your content to be… alive.

As mindless, soulless drifters, many content marketers stumble through content creation. Content creation for the sake of content: content devoid of vitality and life. This should not happen Quality Web Development Services to your content. Give it energy: ensure that it does more than exist. That is not content. It’s just a blank shell that pretends to be satisfied.

With the initial point out of the way.

We want also to point out that not all zombie characteristics are undesirable. They are, in fact, but not when it comes to reanimation. Destructive content will always exist: You can give it a zombie-like resurrection and let it walk the earth once more. When we first start, not all of us are content creation experts: Along the way to genius, there will always be lousy content. Find that content and give it new life by going back. Change the design and the copy. The reanimation abilities should be at the heart of any zombie-like content you create.

In Social Sharing Zombieland, Double Tap (and Triple Tap) popularized the “double tap” concept.

Don’t just run away if you think a zombie is dead after the first shot. Instead, double-tap the undead with a second shot or sword swing to keep it from returning and catching you off guard. You can use a strategy similar to this for social sharing. Never share your content just once. More than one is required. By incorporating your best content into your social calendar multiple times and across various channels, you should increase its reach. This is how social media works: Double, triple, and quadruple tapping will help you get it in front of more people because not everyone will see it the first time.

Virality Is Unknown

The beginning of the zombie apocalypse is never the same, and in The Walking Dead, we still do not know what caused it. The virus is unidentified. You may not know the exact formula for your content marketing’s virality, but the main point is that you never know what will spread like an infectious contagion. Avoid considering virality. Instead, concentrate on producing thoughtful, inventive, and instructive content and distributing it widely. Note: Don’t do this if you have germs. That is how the end of the world begins.)

If there is one thing that The Walking Dead has taught us, you can’t survive on your own: You require a team. The same applies to the creation of your content. A group of content creators broadens the range of information you can share with your audience by providing a SEO Services Providers variety of voices and points of view. In addition, each member of the team possesses strengths. You will survive and succeed if you put together a solid warrior team.

Pick a Weapon Michonne carries a samurai sword.

Rick possesses a gun. Darryl maintains a crossbow. In The Walking Dead, every character knows which weapon works best for them and uses it to their advantage. The same applies to your lead generation campaigns and content. Find out what works, and keep doing it. Call tracking, for instance, is one method for precisely determining which of your content marketing efforts are resulting in high-quality inbound sales calls, the best possible lead type. This will allow you to withstand the apocalyptic questioning of your boss when they inquire about the numbers and ROI of your content marketing efforts.

You have it now.

You will survive in the competitive world of content marketing if you follow these guidelines. But do you still need to feel prepared? The Marketer’s Guide to Proving (and Improving) Content Marketing ROI is a free white paper.