What you need to know about Er Yb Glass


What you need to know about Er Yb Glass

1. What is an Er, Yb: phosphate glass? The glass doped with Er and ytterbium ions is Er glass (Er Yb Glass). Glasses doped with erbium, ytterbium, as

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1. What is an Er, Yb: phosphate glass?

The glass doped with Er and ytterbium ions is Er glass (Er Yb Glass). Glasses doped with erbium, ytterbium, as well as chromium ions are likewise erbium glasses; the double bound crystal of erbium glass and white glass is likewise erbium glass. This paper generally introduces Er Yb glass. The glass substratum in question is not typical glass however phosphate glass.

Er3+, Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass (Er, Yb: phosphate glass) is a popular and also normally utilized active tool for lasers creating in the “eye-safe” scary series of 1,5-1,6 µm.

2. What is phosphate glass?

Phosphate glass is a glass product that mainly contains phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) as well as normally also has other chemical elements. It can be used as a laser gain medium in bulk as well as fiber. Its major benefit is its high compatibility with rare-earth ions (see rare-earth-doped gain media), such as Erbium (Er3+), ytterbium (Yb3+), and also neodymium (Nd3+) ions. To put it simply, the phosphate glass species can be doped with a high focus of laser-active unusual planet ions without causing damaging impacts such as clustering, which will certainly create a quenching result as well as affect the performance of the laser.

The doping focus in phosphate erbium-doped fiber is a lot greater than that in quartz fiber, and it can raise by several percent points. The high doping concentration of phosphate makes it possible for brief fiber lasers and amplifiers, which are not the only advantages of the glass however additionally include:

  • The brief fiber laser resonator can get a huge cost-free spectrum variety, making it much easier to accomplish single-frequency operation.
  • Dispersed comments lasers are short, whereas highly doped phosphate fibers enable much more effective pump absorption.
  • Ultrashort pulsed fiber lasers are much less susceptible to nonlinear impacts if they use shorter fibers.

3. What’s the system of erbium glass?

Phosphate glass combines a long life time (~ 8 ms) of 4I13/2 Er3+ leading laser degree with a low (2-3 ms) life time of 4I11/2 Er3+ level that continues to remain in resonance with Yb3+ 2F5/2 terminated up state. Quick non-radiative multi-phonon entertainment from 4I11/2 to 4I13/2 level considerably reduces the back-energy transfer as well as up-conversion losses because of the interaction in between Yb3+ and also Er3+ ions, thrilled at the 2F5/2 along with the 4I11/2 degrees, specifically.

Basically continually, erbium-ytterbium-doped phosphate glass is pumped with wavelengths around the 975-nm absorption elevation of Yb3+ ions. That causes the excitation of the ytterbium ions. Afterward, Yb ions might move the excitation power to surrounding erbium ions. After a reliable power transfer, one initial has an Er3+ ion in the 4I11/2 state (even more particularly, a Stark level manifold), which has comparable excitation power as the Yb3+ ions. From that state, the ions typically undergo a fast non-radiative shift to the state 4I13/2, routinely used as the leading laser level. Such non-radiative adjustments occur based upon multi-phonon discharge, provided that the phonon power of the product is high and appropriate (which holds for silica fibers, for example).

4. Application of Er Yb glass in Erbium glass laser

  • Er glass is also a phenomenal product for upconversion luminescence. Laser acquired the green and red laser from er yb glass fiber, as well as people additionally observed violet upconversion light. The upconversion luminescence of Er: phosphate glass delighted by Nd: YAG was checked out. The upconversion laser will definitely be really practical in great deals of applications.
  • Er Yb glass is a pure three-level laser tool. Due to this, it requires to pump nearly all the energetic glass aspects. The non-pumped areas provide laser light absorption losses. In the case of the traditional pole arrangement, the non-pumped rod requires to be as brief as practical.
  • The optical excitation of the Yb, Er glasses (specifically chromium-free ones) takes place mainly using Yb ions. The only Yb absorption band lies in the near-infrared spooky range (900– 1000 nm). Water discontinuation in this spooky variety is 1 cm-1. Therefore, Er glass can considerably decrease the water-cooled laser performance due to pump light absorption in the water layer bordering the flashlamp as well as the laser rod.

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