What to look in Holsters For your Weapon


What to look in Holsters For your Weapon

Are you looking for the ideal holster to fit your firearm? From 2013 we've been manufacturing top-quality Kydex gun holsters here at Eclipse Holsters.

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Are you looking for the ideal holster to fit your firearm? From 2013 we’ve been manufacturing top-quality Kydex gun holsters here at Eclipse Holsters. If you’re searching to purchase your very first gun holster you might not be aware of the meaning of kydex. The gun holsters shown at the top of the display usually are holsters made of leather. Leather is a popular choice and people enjoy the smell and feel of high-quality leather. But, not all custom leather gun holsters leathers are created equal. The top-quality leather is constructed from the entire hide. However, the cheapest leather is made from scraps and then put together. Today, we’d be discussing the benefits of buying a kydex the holster


If you reside in a humid environment or an area that often rains or snows the leather holster could not be the best choice for you. It is not just that leather draws sweat and moisture, but it also retains moisture as well. When a holster made of leather holds water and sweat, it dampens the gun and can cause it to get rusty. But a Kydex holster can be removed when exposed to sweat or even water and keep your gun dry and free from rust.


Even the finest leather holsters may change shape with time, and shrink even more when subjected to humidity of any type. Kydex is a holster that keeps its form, making it easier for the wearer to change holsters her firearm.


One of the greatest benefits of kydex holsters are their exceptional retention. If you slip or fall while wearing a leather holster the pistol may disengage which could lead to disastrous consequences. However our gun holsters made of kydex have superior retention rates which keep you and others around you secure throughout the day.


Kydex is more light and thin than leather, making it more comfortable and easy to conceal as a holster made of leather. If you’re carrying a gun for lengthy durations the comfort factor is paramount and that’s why Kydex is the best alternative.


If you are in a situation where you are in a death or life situation the quick draw could make a difference in your own life. Kydex holsters’ interiors have a smooth , plastic texture that allows for fast draw. The leather holsters’ interiors are less smooth that causes friction, creating drag, and slowing the draw.


We do manufacture custom gun holsters leather shoulder holsters here at Eclipse Holsters, they take time to create to meet your specific requirements. However, we have ready-to-ship the holsters that are available and available for immediate shipment. Our holster manufacturers feature a variety of both outside-the-waistband holsters as well as in-the-waistband holsters available for immediate shipment. If you are looking for an holster to fit your Glock We have various IWB Kydex Holsters as well as an OWB the holster easily available. If you’re in search of an appropriate tourniquet carrier for you belt, or for military equipment take a look at our the Phlster Flat Pack Tourniquet Carrier. It is available for immediate delivery We have a range of options for carrying that include belt loops, Malice strap and industrial Velcro.

If you are looking for a top-quality gun holster, buy one of our Kydex gun holsters from Eclipse Holsters. Every ready-to-ship holster or custom gun holster has been designed with great care to ensure that you can carry your firearm in the most secure way possible. Contact our holster manufacturers should you have any concerns or questions.