What Services Are Provided by General Dentists?

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What Services Are Provided by General Dentists?

General dentistry is what? Dentistry, according to its definition, is the assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of illnesses and ailment

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General dentistry is what?

Dentistry, according to its definition, is the assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of illnesses and ailments affecting the mouth and face regions of the body (ADA, American Dental Association).

Approximately 80% of dental professionals are general dentists, who provide the majority of dental services.

Dental experts make up the remaining 20%, including:


Maxillofacial and oral surgery


Dentistry for children



public health dental

Maxillofacial and oral pathology

Most dental professionals—80%—are general dentists.

Specialists in dentistry make up 20% of dentists.

The preventative and restorative procedures provided by general dentistry Crestwood KY include x-rays, dental cleanings, cavity fillings, and sealants. General dentists provide a variety of operations and treatments, in contrast to specialists who concentrate on a single field of dentistry.Patients of all ages are also treated by them.

Endodontists are dental professionals that specialise in performing root canals and managing tooth discomfort. Some patients seek a root canal from a normal dentist, while others may consult an endodontist if their condition necessitates specialised root canal care.

Qualifications of General Dentists Dentistry is a “hands-on” practice.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, the career calls for four years of highly regarded schooling. General dentists can develop dexterity, the ability to do manual activities well, and in-depth scientific understanding of the subject thanks to this extensive training.

Based on their unique expertise and the current needs of their patients, general dentists also specialise in particular types of operations.

Services Are Provided by General Dentists

Oral surgery, restorative services, and routine dental care procedures are often used in conjunction by general dentists Crestwood KY. There are several common general dental procedures:

cleanings and examinations of the teeth


dental fillings

root-canal therapy

Treatment for sleep apnea

Treatment for gingivitis

Treatment for temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD)

oral cancer examinations

dental fillings

Fluoride therapy

Other Types of General Dentistry Services

When visiting a general dentist crestwood KY, whether you are going in for a routine dental exam or a minor oral surgery, there are many options to choose from.

Services offered by general dentists include restorative services, preventive treatments, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry

Dental restorative therapy

Your dentist looks for cavities and symptoms of oral disorders during routine dental checkups. They’ll suggest an indirect or direct restoration if you test positive for tooth decay.

The mainstay of general dentistry are restorative dental procedures.

Materials for indirect restoration

Additionally, general dentists provide indirect restoration techniques (materials created outside using an individual’s dental imprints). They do, however, necessitate at least two dentist appointments, unlike direct restoration methods.

The first step is to clean and remove decay from the teeth.

The fitting of the restorations to the teeth and any necessary revisions are done during the second appointment.

Dental crowns are caps that fit over teeth and are designed like teeth. A dental crown is mostly used to treat teeth that are decaying, missing, or fractured.

Dental cosmetics

One of the fastest-growing areas of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry.

Numerous patients choose to get aesthetic treatments. This is because these procedures improve a person’s smile, which raises their self-esteem and enhances their attractiveness.

A licenced dental expert can safely administer cosmetic dentistry to patients of all ages.

Sedation dentistry is an option as well if you have severe anxiety about procedures to make sure everything goes as planned. Numerous general dentists in the US have specialised in cosmetic dentistry due to the growing popularity of these procedures.

Professional teeth whitening and veneers are available as treatment options