Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Have you made up your mind that you’re not renting anymore? That’s the greatest decision you can ever make. You’ll enjoy safety, freedom, and a lot of comfort at your home. Remember, owning a home today is easier than before with Home loan. You only need to get a home that meets your needs and budget and apply for a home loan.

Once your lender approves the loan, everything is set to move into your new home. You don’t have to visit your lender’s office for a home loan. That will cost you commuting time and transport expenses. Instead, you can apply for an online home loan within a short time and at the comfort of your home.

Are you applying for a home loan for the first time? Read on and understand every step to take and get a home loan. Here we have listed some easy tips to app

Easy Steps to Apply for Online Home Loan –

  1. Conduct Self-assessment.

Before applying for a mortgage loan, you should check your eligibility first. Do you have any assets to offer as collateral? Will you pay equated monthly installments and meet other financial needs without straining yourself too much? Make sure to determine if you can afford the interest rate charged on your home loan.

  1. Filling up the application form

Everyone seeking a mortgage loan must fill out a loan application form. Ensure to provide accurate personal data. Your lender expects you to give correct names, addresses, employment details, and income data. Some lenders will also need your education details and phone number.

  1. Documentation

Lenders need you to provide proof of your information to conduct a home loan eligibility check. You should furnish proof of your identity, address and income. Your lender requires your bank account statements, and more cent salary slips if you’re a salaried applicant. If you intend to give property as collateral for the home loan, you’re expected to produce the property documents.

  1. Document Verification and Issuance of Sanction Letter

At this stage, your lender checks your documents to ensure they’re authentic and accurate. Sometimes, your financial service provider can call your employer or other relevant organization to confirm your details. When your lender is satisfied with your credit score, reports, and documents, they accept your home loan.

Once your online home loan gets approved, you receive a sanction letter. The letter shows the amount you qualify for, interest rates charged, loan tenure and other loan conditions. From there, you can append your signature to accept.

  1. Property Verification

After your loan is approved and accepted, your lender needs to verify your property. Here, there is a legal check on the home you’re buying to ensure the title is clear and no conflict regarding the same. Your lender also conducts technical property valuation. And after the check, all papers are taken to the lender.

  1. Loan Disbursal 

Your home loan is disbursed once your lender does property verification and all documents are signed. If your house is under construction, a cheque may be written in favor of the builder. When buying a complete home, the lender can credit your seller’s account and then you are given an equated monthly installment to pay.


You can always follow these steps when looking forward to buying a home. But before taking any action, carry out a self-assessment and home loan eligibility check. That way, you can choose the right lender with friendly home loan interest rates. To ensure your loan application isn’t rejected, provide accurate personal data and proof of the information you give to the lender.

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