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Welcome to the first chapter of my SEO course in Pakistan! This first chapter is an introduction in which I will tell you everything you are going to be able to learn in this SEO course in Pakistan that is nothing like any other you have seen out there and I will also explain what SEO is . More specifically, what is SEO for me and how I understand it, which differs a lot from what others think?

What will you learn in this SEO course in Pakistan?

The main objectives that you will achieve with this SEO course in Pakistan for FURIOSOS are:

  • Create a website
  • Get visitors and amplify traffic
  • Monetize the web (earn money)
  • Actually, the coolest part will be how to get visitors, because once you have them, earning money will be the easiest thing.
  • Cool, isn’t it? XD

How will the course work?

First of all, you should know that there is an SEO terminology that you must know to follow the course.

For this, I have prepared an SEO dictionary for you, where I explain in a very simple and direct way what each thing is and what it is for. This dictionary will be regularly expanded with new SEO terms and concepts that you should check.

You have this SEO Dictionary available both on the blog and on YouTube.

From there, the SEO course in Pakistan will be structured in three different parts:

§  Weekly YouTube videos

I will explain everything that I have learned in recent years creating websites, positioning them and earning money with them.

The topics of each video will be very specific: How to choose the perfect domain? How to choose my keywords? Etc.

Likewise, on the blog you will have the written version with all the examples and screenshots that we will see in the videos.

§  Private Facebook group for the furious

This is a brutal tool that makes this SEO course in Pakistan different. The course is not just me. We all do it.

And, for this, we have created a private group on Facebook, where you can meet and interact with other Furiosos, where we will make live videos to clarify doubts and where you yourself can make suggestions and questions that we will take note of to adapt the contents of the course to what you really need.

This is the good thing about doing the course on YouTube and in real time!

§  Create a website from scratch

This course is going to be eminently practical and, for this reason, we are going to create a project together in real time.

I am a practical SEO and everything I have learned has been making websites.

This is how I want you to learn too and, for this, we are all going to create a website.

I will also create a website from scratch, because in this way we will encounter the problems that may appear when you create a website and try to position it.

We will solve these problems and you can also ask us the problems that arise.

The time has come to lose the fear of doing things! There are many people who know enough about SEO to make money with a website and do not do it precisely for fear of taking action. That ended!

We are all going to create a website and we are going to position it with the current Google algorithm and in real time.

§  What is seo or what i understand by seo?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization or, what is the same, optimization for search engines.

But SEO is not powerful for what it is but for what it achieves.

I, who, in his day, had an urgent need to get money, learned what SEO was based on doing it.

That’s why for me SEO is not search engine optimization.

§  SEO is doing things and… What is done in SEO?

  • In SEO we make links
  • We do Content Marketing
  • We do web analytics
  • We encode
  • We do strategy, etc. etc.

So what is seo? It’s? No!

  • Because with visits you get to make a brand
  • Because with visits you get customers
  • Because with visits you get SALES
  • Because with visits you get money

For us, for the furious, SEO is getting visits from search engines.

If you have this clear and direct all your efforts in that direction, while others are dedicated to optimizing stories with 1,001 new tools, you will be investing your time in getting visits with the search engines.

And that’s what makes the difference between succeeding or spending your life doing something that doesn’t work.

Do not panic! This is simpler than you might think.

SEO is a very complicated discipline if you want to control everything, but creating a project and amplifying its traffic is not that difficult. Anyone can do it.

I know people who know very little about SEO and who have projects with a lot of traffic that are generating a lot of money.

You can also get it if you take action and that is what you are going to check with this SEO course in Pakistan for furious.

Now that you really know what SEO is, in the next chapter we will get down to business and see how to choose the perfect domain for our project.

By jerry of Management & Technology

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