Sun. Jun 26th, 2022
What is Gdax?

Gdax was the previous name for Coinbase’s exchange platform, which is a prominent dealer for Bitcoin as well as altcoins.  However, unlike the in-app buys of the wallet, the exchange was geared at high-frequency traders, with techniques to monitor price fluctuations and establish complicated selling orders. Gdax was founded in 2015 as Coinbase. After some time, it was rebranded as Gdax. After three years of commencement, Gdax was relaunched as Coinbase Pro while retaining its previous features. In this article, you will know more about Gdax or Coinbase Pro? You will also know how to use it. 


What Is Gdax?

Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency startups in the USA, started to examine the expansion of its products in 2015. While its wallet provided a straightforward interface for purchasing cryptocurrencies, it lacked the features offered by other exchanges. Furthermore, the business imposed a large bid/ask gap, making exchange pricing less advantageous than market rates. To cater to both categories of clients, the corporation established two distinct exchanges. Newbie purchasers might go straight to Coinbase. The more advanced version of the exchange was renamed Gdax 2. Gdax started providing additional assets. Gdax began introducing additional assets, including ETH and LTC in 2016.

These cryptos were still not accessible on the previous wallet. In 2018, the platform was renamed Coinbase Pro, although it proceeded to provide the same capabilities while acting as a proving foundation for future coins before they were added to the wallet of Coinbase. Hundreds of cryptos are now bought and sold on the Pro version. While Gdax provided more complex trading alternatives than the Coinbase wallet, they arrived at a steep cost in terms of usability. Several customers like the Coinbase wallet’s straightforward UI, which has only a single price to purchase or sell. Coinbase is not doing that. 

Coinbase imposes a fee for wallet transactions, leading to rates that are many percentage points. Gdax works on a maker and taker price basis, with the platform collecting up to a half-percentage charge from every purchaser or sale. Assets may be simply transferred between exchange and wallet, enabling individuals to enjoy considerably better swap pricing. Coinbase imposes a premium over market rates for cryptocurrency acquired using the Coinbase app, but just a modest charge for transactions on the platform. Because cryptos can be readily transferred between the platform and app, Coinbase Pro often offers better pricing.

Gdax further gave Coinbase customers access to more complex features including price movements, an online order log, and the option to make limit and market bets. These capabilities allowed individuals to forecast trends using price predictions, but these were likely to confound less skilled purchasers. Furthermore, the platform is not accessible in all jurisdictions.


Lastly, Gdax enabled dealing in cryptocurrencies that were not accessible in the Coinbase wallet. Coinbase revealed ways to include several cryptos at the beginning of 2018. These were initially introduced to the platform, and several were eventually included in the wallet.


Using Gdax Or Coinbase Pro

The first step is to open an account on Coinbase Pro. Visit the website and click on the ‘Deposit’ option. You will find this option on the column at the left. Choose the type of currency, your bank account, and the amount you want to deposit. Finally, complete the deposit from your side. Coinbase Pro may verify your account during the process. Now, after you have deposited some money, you can choose your favorite cryptocurrency. It is crucial for you to choose a cryptocurrency after looking at its prospects. To know prospects, you can approach a crypto platform. 


Coinbase and its Pro version are two prominent exchange platforms in the world of decentralized finance. While the former is intended for novices because of its ease of use and interface, the latter is best suited for established and active traders. Both have a similar level of protection. Furthermore, logins, 2FA and biometrics are available for all accounts. Coinbase generally offers cash-loss insurance coverage. Coinbase includes all of the capabilities that a newcomer to the cryptocurrency industry might reasonably require. If you know how to put different types of orders, you can use Coinbase Pro. Pro is for the professionals. 


Final Thoughts

What is Gdax? How to use it? You have understood a lot here. Gdax is now comprehended as Coinbase Pro. You can easily send from Gdax to Binance in case you are using Binance. Binance is one of the best exchanges in the world. While trading, you must always have a sharp eye on the market. The market goes up and down from time to time. You cannot hope that the cryptocurrency you have bought will rise every month. It could fall. Even Bitcoin cannot survive the bullish and bearish trends. Take care of this, and you will succeed while trading.

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