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Academic Monograph

In research work, you can find different forms of writing. From a broader perspective, people take only academic paper as research. When you get the details, there will be so many other features of research. The term ‘monograph’ is getting very common these days. Also, you can see many writers working on writing techniques for a monograph. Therefore, this article aims to discuss academic monograph in detail.

Is Monograph a Book or an Article?

Academic monographs are scholarly pieces of writing. In this writing type, you have to focus on some particular aspects of a subject or field. You can target a specified subject for writing a monograph. Also, you can go for the specified feature or topic of a subject. It is preferred to write monograph as a single writer. The number of authors can vary as per the need of the hour. Some writers take monographs similar to magazines and newspapers. They need to understand the difference between these writing types. All such writing types are not taken as a monograph, but you can take book as an example of a monograph. Other than academic context, you can find many more examples of monographs. Such as, novels are non-academic examples of a monograph. In contrast, academic monographs cover books and dissertations as best examples.

In such books, the topic of discussion is very specific. You have to hit a defined problem and then find its solution, as you do in research work. The problem can be a real-life problem or another one. You may not be able to get it done effectively without hiring a dissertation writing service UK. On the other hand, articles are not monographs. The best way to differentiate monograph and an article are through the length. The article is not much longer, but academic monographs go in the range of 20,000 to 70,000.

How to Write a Monograph?

As a writer, it is essential to follow some writing techniques for academic monographs. The writing techniques help you get the best end results because of quality work. There are different parts of a monograph that can make it easy to understand. These parts are mentioned below:

  • Introduction and other credentials
  • Data collection
  • Description of terminologies
  • Methodology of research
  • Display of final form

Let’s discuss each part briefly.

Introduction and Other Credentials

You have to start writing an academic monograph with an introduction. The introduction makes it easy for a reader to understand the basics of writing. In this section, you need to cover different aspects. Write down the title of the study. Also, mention name of the writer as well as name of the advisor. In this way, you acknowledge the efforts of your mentor. Mention the background information related to the topic of discussion. Similarly, provide the significance of your study. You can go for the current or future scope of the study. In this way, you can develop an interest in the reader.

Data Collection

The second step is about the details of data and its collection. There is no compulsion for the way of data collection. Based on the need of hour, you can make amendments to the data collection process. Sometimes it is preferred to have data through one-on-one ways. Also, there can be some worse situations that do not allow you to do so. The best example of this situation is the recent outbreak of a pandemic. In different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, all researchers have collected data online.

Another important point related to data collection is the type of questions. The designed questions for data collection also vary based on the problem of study. In a quantitative study, you need to focus on the close-ended questions. Here, close-ended questions help you get the best and specified data. This data type is also easy to handle. In contrast, qualitative study prefers open-ended questions. These questions are good for getting insights into the problem.

Description of Terminologies

Under the supervision of your advisor, work for the different terminologies of study. Every study has different sets of terminologies. It is necessary to explain such terms so that the reader can grasp the core purpose of the study.

Methodology of Research

In writing techniques of an academic monograph, the research methodology has a major contribution. In this section, mention all of variables and their contribution to a monograph. The variable can be dependent as well as independent. Also, target the potential audience and area. In this way, you can discuss the sample size of the study in a good way. Similar to other academic writing tasks, a monograph requires information from different resources. All of resource must be addressed in a monograph.

Display of Final Form

The last part of the monograph is the display of data. You can better understand this section by dividing it into ‘a’ and ‘b’ parts. In the ‘a’ section, the centre of attention should be the informant of data. In the ‘b’ part, you have to work on the images and graphs related to your study. This part helps the reader to understand more data in a short time.

What Are Some Significant Attributes Of An Academic Monograph?

Before writing a monograph, it is better to keep some essential points clear to you.

  • First of all, you should know the monograph does not have multiple volumes of writing.
  • It refers to research work in a particular field of study.
  • There should be a fictional context of the study.
  • It is available in different forms, including hard as well as soft forms. 

Final Thoughts

Before writing an academic monograph, you must be clear about its attributes and how it is different from other academic tasks. This approach helps you get the best form of a monograph. At the time of writing an academic monograph, you should have an idea about its writing techniques. The above-mentioned techniques can help you very well. Read and understand each section to grasp the core purpose of monographs.

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