Sun. Jun 26th, 2022
What are the options for women to wear at a Pakistani wedding

If you’re invited to a Pakistani wedding and want to look good while being respectful of the country’s culture, here are eight womens wedding wear options you can choose from. 

This will let you express your creativity while still upholding the traditions of the land. If you want to know more about what men should wear at a Pakistani wedding, check out this related article I wrote on the topic as well!

1 A long white dress

If you’re looking to make a big statement, long-sleeved, floor-length white dresses are an option. This dress will show off your curves and elongate your body—and you might even feel like royalty when you’re wearing it. 

However, if you’re not comfortable with showing that much skin or don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that won’t be worn again after your wedding day, consider choosing another style. You can also choose to wear traditional womens wedding wear in colours other than white if you want something more unique or colourful.

2 Patterned lehenga

If you’re looking to stand out from all those bejewelled ladies on their wedding day, opt for a boldly patterned lehenga (skirt) with matching work in chiffon. 

Bold colours like red, green and yellow are especially striking on womens wedding wear. As for jewellery, don’t be afraid to go large—we’re talking large gemstones, strands of pearls and even traditional adornments like rubies or emeralds.

3 An off-white color kurta pajama

An off-white colour kurta pajama is appropriate if you’re looking to give off an elegant and traditional look. Off-white colors symbolize innocence and purity, making it perfect for your wedding day. 

Pair it with some gold earrings and a brooch to add some glitter to your outfit. Accentuate your outfit with zari border work on the hemline of kurti/pajama, neckline, cuffs of sleeves or neckline which adds ethnic touch to your outfit.

4 An embroidered shalwar kameez

A shalwar kameez is an outfit that’s traditional to South Asia, worn by both men and women. Traditionally worn at a wedding party, shalwar kameez outfits are often heavily embellished with sequins and embroidery. 

Embroidered pyjamas or pyjamas are ideal outfits to wear at any special occasion, including weddings! You can get them custom-made or order them online at Studio by TCS at the best price.

5 Simple sarees or trousers with tunics

Simple, elegant womens wedding wear are always in style and look gorgeous on almost any body type. When it comes to women’s wedding wear options, choose something simple but elegant: you want your clothes to make you feel beautiful—not bulky or overdone. 

If you’re looking for traditional wedding gowns, then don’t forget to consider sarees (or salwar kameez) and trousers with tunics or other modest tops.

6 Black churidar pants and tunic tops

A churidar set is one of Pakistan’s most elegant and versatile womens wedding wear. A well-tailored black churidar set is suitable for any occasion or season, from casual social gatherings to formal occasions. The classic outfit consists of a pair of pants and matching tunic. 

Churidars are available in a wide range of fabrics, embroidery styles, cuts and lengths. Black churidars work well with any type of footwear – from designer heels to sturdy sandals.

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