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What are the Important Guidelines for Breast Cancer Screening?

Cancer screening tests are essential to detect cancer before it can cause symptoms and when it can still be easier to treat it successfully. The main

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Cancer screening tests are essential to detect cancer before it can cause symptoms and when it can still be easier to treat it successfully. The main objectives of a cancer screening are as follows-

  • Reduction in the number of people who are likely to die from the illness
  • Complete Prevention of cancer deaths 
  • Reduction in the number of people who will develop the disease

What are the typical breast cancer screening tests?

A Breast cancer screening will generally include Mammography, Clinical breast examination, Self-Breast examination, and Magnetic resonance images (MRI). 

  • Mammography – It is a kind of x-ray that has been specially developed for getting a complete view of the breast. This screening is also known as a mammogram. The images that are produced during the mammogram process can display tumours or any other anomalies in the breast.
  • Clinical breast examination – A medical professional will look for and feel any changes in the size and shape of the breast. The examiner would also look for any kind of changes in the breast’s skin as well as nipples.
  • Self-examination – It is a simple procedure to do a breast cancer screening at home. During a self-examination of the breast, A woman should see and feel for changes in her own breasts. If any changes can be noticed, see a doctor without delay.
  • MRI – An MRI is not generally used for screening breast cancer. However, it can be helpful for women who have a higher risk of breast cancer, women with dense breasts, or in case a lump has been found during a breast examination.

Essential guidelines for breast cancer screening

  • Women should do a breast self-examination every month starting from the age of 20 years. Although breast self-exams may not have decreased the breast cancer death rate, a woman is able to see a lump or any other changes that her breast. It is crucial that all women are familiar with the way their breasts look and feel.  A breast self-exam done monthly is recommended for all women.
  • Mammography should be done by all women from 40 years of age. The regularity of breast cancer screening for the women who are between the ages of 40 and 50 can be reduced to every two years if it is deemed appropriate by the patient as well as the doctor. The duration of a screening mammogram will be about fifteen minutes. It is important to wear loose clothes that can be removed easily. Don’t use any deodorant or perfume and even powder, and lotion, especially below the arms and on the breasts. All these may show on a mammogram, making it difficult to read.
  • Women in high-risk categories (close family with breast cancer or personal history of breast cancer, etc.) can consider going for screening from 30 years of age.

What is the full body checkup price in Gurgaon?

A full body checkup is a routine and preventive body examination done for a yearly health assessment. A number of tests which include blood, KFT, LFT, and urine, etc. are performed for finding out how well particular body organs are performing. The main aim of a full body health checkup is early detection of disease detection as well as disease prevention.

People who are in the age group between 30 to 60 years have a greater risk of getting affected by lifestyle diseases as a result of their erratic work schedules and stressful lives. Most young people suffer from diabetes and high cholesterol levels today. A full body examination can help in the identification and diagnosis of these conditions. A detailed physical examination of the full body can reduce the likelihood of expensive procedures as well as chronic medical issues in the future.

According to the checkup package that has been selected, the full body checkup price in Gurgaon can range from Rs. 1000 to Rs 6000. While selecting the tests to include in the health package, it is important to take into account the age of the person, health condition, family history, and lifestyle choices, etc. All these can have a huge influence on a person’s health.


Breast cancer screening and timely detection play a crucial role in a person’s health. Screening tests help in the detection of breast cancer at an early stage when the disease can still be treated. Finding out about the various screening tests for breast cancer and also the importance of breast cancer detection in the early stages can help women take charge of their health. Doctors have always urged the importance of screening tests in preventing diseases and reducing the need for expensive medical treatment or even surgeries. It is essential that people go in for full body checkups regularly to be aware of any changes in their bodies. It will also act as a preventive check on their health.