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This city has distinguished itself as the country’s computer and information technology hub for many years. This city has also become one of the best wedding Resorts in the country.

Even if you’re not from Bangalore, you should think about these. Consider Bangalore as your destination wedding site, as it has excellent accessibility from most parts of the country.

Bangalore, popularly known as ‘The Garden City,’ is a tropical haven among the metropolises.Bangalore is one of India’s most well-known cities, having year-round agreeable weather.

When is the greatest time to marry?

Bangalore has a good climate all year, making it possible to visit this beautiful city at any time.

The months of September to February, on the other hand, are great for a city wedding because the weather improves during the winter.


A wedding in Bangalore might cost anywhere from 2 to 20 lakhs.


Bangalore brides do not need to consider a destination wedding when there are so many magnificent resorts to choose from. Bring all of your guests to a resort for a respite from the daily grind. Here are several Bangalore resorts that would be ideal for your special day.

Some of the most cost-effective venues include —

Moon Gate is a venue for events.

Welcome to Moon Gate, Bangalore’s first-of-its-kind facility, where they are completely dedicated to ensuring the success of events Moon gate is an unique events-only facility, with every square inch of our area and facilities set for one purpose exclusively, unlike other wedding venues in the city that can lend you their space.

The Pergola

The Pergola is a Rajajinagar-based green outdoor venue (Off Tumkur Road). Celebrate your unique moment surrounded by nature and the Musical Dancing Fountain Best Destination Wedding Venue, a Bangalore wedding venue.

M G Road, Royal Orchid Hotels

Do you want to organise a lovely temple ceremony? Also in Bangalore, at a mandapa. There is nothing more surprisingly lovely and odd than an Indian wedding in a beautiful temple of worship, as Alia and Arjun’s wedding in Two States exemplifies.

Centaur City Hotel

The Hotel City Centaur is centrally positioned in Silicon Valley. This hotel is an excellent choice for hosting your dream wedding. The hotel is one of the most economical wedding venues in Garden City, offering a variety of multi-purpose banquet halls for weddings and large seating capacity. There are two dining halls accessible, as well as a lawn area that is ideal for preparing the wedding of your dreams. If you ever want to throw a post-wedding party, this hotel features a wide, broad terrace space. City Centaur provides outstanding value for money with exceptional services, including excellent food and décor provided by the venue itself.

The Bell Hotel and Convention Center is located in downtown Bell.

Are you seeking a location where your comfort and luxury may coexist? Then they come together to form an ideal blend for you? Then these wedding venues are the best option for your wedding reception.       The furnishings of this lovely wedding venue are designed in a contemporary style and have cutting-edge amenities, making it a cost-effective location to stay in Bangalore. This wedding venue is close to the Bangalore City railway station and the Majestic bus terminus, making it one of the best affordable wedding venues in the area. The President party hall is enormous, and you can use it to plan your big giant Indian wedding here! Other wedding functions can be prepared in the other party spaces, which are also extremely spacious.

Resorts with a Splash

Radiant resorts, which are surrounded by lush vegetation and tall trees, are the ideal location for individuals who want to exchange vows in the middle of nature. Outside alcohol is not permitted at the venue.It is permissible to have an outside DJ. The bride and groom are given restrooms to change in. Nearly 50 guest rooms with excellent ambiance and amenities are available on the premises. Outside caterers and decorators are permitted to help you plan the perfect wedding. Bannerghatta Road is the location.

Garden Asia Resort is a resort located in Asia.

The Garden Asia resort in Kumbalgodu is a cosy spot with modern conveniences and a pleasing style. They offer both an indoor and an outdoor site for your events. Outside caterers and decorators are allowed to work on the premises. This resort can accommodate up to 2000 guests at one time and can be used for all pre- and post-wedding functions.

Kumblgodu is the location.

By Happy Retreat, Le bluz

If you want a wedding with only your closest friends and family, this is the place to go. Le bluz was once a vineyard that was later transformed into a party venue. The food served at the venue is delectable. Caterers from outside the venue are not permitted. It’s the live music that sets this location apart! All guests can take advantage of the valet parking service. The arena can accommodate between 50 and 500 people at a time.

Exotica Clarks

In the open lawn at Clarks Exotica, exchange your vows against a stunning backdrop of Nandi hills and the mesmerising atmosphere of Bangalore. With 144 rooms for overnight, this venue can accommodate roughly 3000 people. Outside caterers are not authorised, although outdoor decorators and DJs are.

Sadahalli post is located in the Swiss town of Sadahalli.

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