Ways To Wear your Jacket and Hoodie


Ways To Wear your Jacket and Hoodie

If you've already purchased a military jacket or are thinking of purchasing one Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your style. To

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If you’ve already purchased a military jacket or are thinking of purchasing one Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your style.

  • To create a casual style dress in a pair of distressed jeans, worn or not, paired with an large military jacket
  • Wear your tailored military jacket by pairing it with skirts or trousers for work.
  • Wear a silk shirt with a wide-legged pants to wear underneath a trench coat.
  • You can wear a bra-let with the double breasted jacket of your military with a slim-fitting skirt and hair swept out for your next date night.
  • Wear a jacket that matches an a-line skirt to look trendy. Put on a pair of shorts to create an edgier look.
  • Create a monochromatic appearance all the way from top to bottom including gold accents in the belts and buttons
  • Put on a dress shirt under your military jacket, and tie it into the waist using the narrow belt
  • Include colored shirts that complement the colour of braids on the sleeves.
  • Wear nautical stripes on tops or shirts to highlight the theme of the military.
  • The look can be layered with a lightweight military jackets and trench coat suitable for outdoor activities.

Adding The Right Shoes And Accessories To Your Military Jacket

Accessories are not too extravagant, especially given the basic military jacket’s accessories. Think about your streetwear hoodies selection of glasses, bags, and shoes to match your outfit.

  • To make a business-like appearance wear a stylish shoe or loafer to your military jacket , and cut-off trousers
  • Put on a pair of sneakers or slip-ons to complete an easy casual style
  • Consider a heel that is strappy with leather-strapped pants and a the perfect military jacket
  • Gold accents can be added to the straps of your handbag, sunglasses or bracelets to be a perfect match with the gold buttons on an all-black look
  • Dress in a pair over-the-knee booties in black with a short dress skirt, and a military jacket
  • The military jacket should be worn with trousers and an ankle boot in black, suede, or brown
  • Add aviators to your look to keep the military look alive. If you aren’t sure, consider oversize dark shades.

These suggestions will help you pick the right military jacket for this season. Explore the vast variety of colors, styles streetwear jackets cuts, lengths and styles until you can find the ideal jacket to dress up and customize your personal. Whatever you decide to wear, pick the appropriate footwear to make an impressive appearance wherever you travel. Go on, be cool and keep going!

The photo featured in the feature: Paola Alberdi has created a monochromatic appearance that features gold accents in the buttons as well as in the braiding of the military jacket. The jacket is layered over the dress in ribbed knit and adds a touch of elegance with ankle boots that are patent-heeled as well as Ray Ban aviators.