Ways To Get More Views And Engagement For Your Facebook Videos


Ways To Get More Views And Engagement For Your Facebook Videos

More than eight billion films or one hundred million hours of films can be seen on Facebook every day. These statistics were reported in the early 12

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More than eight billion films or one hundred million hours of films can be seen on Facebook every day. These statistics were reported in the early 12 months. Think about how many large gifts are now, because Facebook was held by the development and twice the films. Now it seems the right time to investigate a better Facebook video and use films to have get active followers on Facebook.

First 3 Seconds Count

Since Facebook video is the highlight of entrepreneurs of entrepreneurs in 2017, we are happy to help you with this growing trend. You will investigate implementable hands for the growth of the views on Facebook and grow Facebook post likes, the dedication and shares of your Facebook videos.

The song does not count if your video is 30 seconds or half an hour: it is the primary 3 seconds that count. And no, this is not always the three -time three seconds of the video – it is the primary 3 seconds in which a consumer sees the video and determines whether he should look at it completely or not. To record your hobby for your video, you must take note of these 3 elements:

  • An interesting miniature image. The miniature photo of the video is not always the most effective, a short visible example of what the video is ready, but also something that attracts attention while a person scrolls over your news feed.
  • A plague that gives perception on this subject. The identification of the video and/or a short letter must puncture hobby without saying the video. Three.
  • Start the video strongly. Do not lose people in the first seconds because they discover the video saai. You must use your interest immediately and keep it in the video at some point.

Create square videos

At the beginning of this year we spent 1500 US dollars to find out what makes films on the success of social media. We discovered that the Panorama film photos of Panorama in sentences exceed the common involvement, views and reach, mainly in the cell. And we are not the most effective to view these results.

Here are a few possible reasons:

  • More than 92% of Facebook users use Facebook every day in their cells.
  • The video recording on the cell is extended by 233% if you look at this in 2013 and use more than 1/2 of the video views in the cell.
  • Square films take 78% more current estate with the news feed on the cell than on the desktop.

Replace the Auto Generated Video Thumbnail

The key to larger video views is the conviction of Facebook followers to press Play. Because people can process photos so quickly, they first respond to their video miniature approach. In this way the selection of a attention that has taken up the miniature display for miniature.

So what is a great miniature photo of Video? Here are some guidelines to preserve this:

  • Choose a miniature image that shows the content of the video in the right way without giving the clou or lessons away.
  • Choose a photo that awakens the hobby and interest of the spectators from using feelings such as surprise, joy or miracles.
  • Use color blocks and layouts that stand out and expand the threat that your video can prevent the scroll.
  • Make sure that the overlays of text content are flexible to learn, so that people can fly quickly while taking the photo.

The @silk-us Facebook video below below uses, for example, humor and marvel to use the interest immediately. The surrealistic character of the Miniature Image photo will probably win curious followers and put pressure on the video views.

Preferred Audience

Another way to receive additional obligations for your Facebook films is to choose a preferred group. By choosing a preferential audience, they increase the chance that their video will appear in the news feeds of people, mainly based on their hobbies. It is no longer limited to seeing the publication for your site or elsewhere.

Choose the target symbol to choose a preferred group (if you float above it, it is said: “Use the optimization of the audience to reach those who communicate with each other much more often.”). Under “Preferred Audience”, select hobbies that relate to the situation structure of your video, e.g. B. “Cooking” or “Writing”. Do not make any changes to the “public limitations”, because this can be limited that your publication can see, regardless of whether you fall into the “priority” category.

 Create a Facebook-Copy

If you are present on more than one social media platforms, you may have to percentage a video on numerous platforms from time to time. A satisfactory exercise is to tailor your replica for each social media platform as what works satisfactorily on every platform.

Here are important features of Facebook and the way you can use them correctly

  • Restricting high man or woman for contributions: You can artificially characted up to 63,206 characters for a Facebook program with 63,206 characters (Aleven, although Facebook cuts your submission with about four hundred characters). This offers you the opportunity to test with every lengthy and short replica. We have found that the short replica for the use of clicks is higher, while a long replica for creating commitment is higher.
  • High man or woman is limited to feedback: it seems that they are suitable for 8,000 characters for a Facebook comment. This makes it high quality to invite your target market to a percentage longer spirit in relation to your video.

For example, Airbnb supported its target market to percentage her preferred excursion mother story on her Mother’s Day video. Since the man or the woman who limits the feedback high, Airbnbs target target market may want a terrible number of greater part in her certificates than, for example, on Twitter.

Make Them Laugh

People admire content material that makes them laugh. So upload a few suitable humor for your film photos. With everything that is going on from time to time in people’s lives, a little outbreak of work -related stress and various problems. But not to forget now – these cinema images must be meaningless: you can upload humor and humor to almost everything, from interviews with employees to a rapid explanatory video.

Add a call-to-action

Having a great way (CTA) for your video is a great way to inspire commitment, exploit viewers for your website or even to convert viewers to followers

It is probably not unusual to regard CTAs as buttons for a registration or website. But CTAs can be as simple as a sentence that requires an application, e.g. B. “Read the entire weblog: link”.

Although Facebook has eliminated the call-to-motion option for videos, there are still numerous incredible approaches to offer a CTA for your Facebook video.

  • In your copy you can include a hyperlink for your weblog structure or invite viewers to discover additional data records about the possibility of clicking on the hyperlink. You can really ask your target market to take your opinion as comments.
  • During the video you can point out a CTA if you organize the video with speakers or use a text resistance overlay (eg additional recommendations for social media Learning on weblog.buffer.com). Wendia was that such CTAs with medium -sized role had the best conversion rates.

With a CTA you can have a text overlay or a static photo with a CTA and have the video play a few seconds after the real content material.

Use Facebook Ads

Set a few money for Facebook commercials and pay to improve your contributions of people’s news feeds. Choose a target market that is mainly based on demographic data and behavior and use the statistics in contact and use the integrated reporting drawing to go back to your investment. You don’t even want a strong budget: Facebook commercials can only work 1.00 $ 1.00 and that you have a full segment recommendations and statistics to start with