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Water scarcity is a grave issue that needs the support and contribution of all developed and underdeveloped nations. Even today, several communities in India do not receive a regular water supply and have to rely on storing groundwater to meet their daily needs. Many communities do not have the proper means to keep water. The only safe source for them is to store water in sturdy water drums and containers.

Studies have revealed that a significant portion of the world’s population collects and stores water for kitchen, drinking, and other daily needs. At this time, storing water correctly and using the proper containers is highly significant. Several studies also reported that the quality of water deteriorates after being stored and collected in containers. This highlights the importance of using the proper storage ranks for storing water.

What is a Water Storage Tank?

In simple terms, a water tank is a huge container used for storing water. A typical example of water tanks is residential water tanks and overhead water tanks in India that are placed over the roof of a house. Earlier, most water tanks were designed out of concrete. In modern times, water tanks are made of high-quality plastics. Water tanks can store water for several household tasks, including laundry, kitchen, cooking, lawn watering, etc. These tanks are designed by engineers to maintain efficiency and are manufactured following industrial guidelines. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a 6 layer water tank or a 4-layer water tank.

How To Select the Right Kind of Water Tank For Your Home?

1. Family Size- If you choose a water tank for a smaller group of people, you can go for around 500-600 liters of water tanks. However, if you have a large family, a water tank of about 800-1000 liters is the right one for you. Again, you should get in touch with a professional who can help you select the suitable capacity for the water tank.

2. The shape of the Water Tank: You will be greeted with many choices when it comes to selecting the correct form of the water tank. You can opt for vertical water tanks to store water inside the house. These tanks do not require huge spaces inside homes. On the other hand, horizontal water tanks are apt for underground storing purposes.

3. Material of the Tank: Water tanks are made of a variety of materials including stainless steel, plastic, galvanized steel, fibreless, concrete, etc. You can decide which water storage tank is suitable for your household based on the materials since all the varieties have different durability and advantages.

Benefits of  Plastic Water Storage Tanks

  • Help in the time of emergencies- There are some months when your local government may limit the water supply to your locality. Having a ready-to-use water supply proves to be the most beneficial at such times. Storing water in tanks can help you complete and fulfill all your daily chores easily.
  • Helpful in irrigation- Irrigation can become a problem if there is no constant water supply. This is a significant problem in areas with restricted and limited water supply. If crops are not regularly and timely irrigated, it can result in losses for farmers and degrade the quality of the crops. Water tanks are a boon during such times. Many farmers in India make use of water tanks to store rainwater.
  • Durable and long-lasting- Most water tanks are designed to withstand temperature and climate changes without affecting water quality. Such high-quality water tanks have made it possible for users to store water underground or overhead without any quality issues.
  • Bacteria and microorganism resistant- High-quality water tanks are resistant to attacks by bacteria and algae. This helps protect the quality of water significantly. Moreover, many water tanks are also fire-resistant. This ensures that the water inside will be kept cool irrespective of the temperature outside.

Water tanks help store water which is useful in many applications, including drinking, washing clothes and dishes, and agricultural farming. Modern-day water tanks have several features, such as being UV resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to install, and lightweight. Many companies manufacture multi-layer water storage tanks, which provide additional protection to the stored water. You can look for the water tank price list by visiting the online websites that sell water storage tanks.

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