Vast number of automobiles were customized to include telematics gadgets

Hello pals, I desire you all are doing superb. In latest academic, I am going to share simple info of Arduino Nano Board. I even have selected this su

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Hello pals, I desire you all are doing superb. In latest academic, I am going to share simple info of Arduino Nano Board. I even have selected this subject matter because it’s a most usually used Microcontroller board because of its flexibility, small length and cheapness. Moreover, it is also a exceptional microcontroller board for engineering students to design their Final Year and Semester Projects. So let’s have a look at its simple features, homes and talents:


Basics of Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano is a Microcontroller board designed and manufactured by way of Arduino employer.
Microcontroller used in Arduino Nano is Atmega328, which is also used in Arduino UNO. The best difference is Nano has its SMD form whilst in UNO its in DIP shape.
The running voltage varies from 5V to 12V.
Now let’s have a look at its simple features:
Basic Features of Arduino Nano


It has 22 I/O Pins in general and 14 of these pins are digital while the closing 8 pins are analog.
It has 6 PWM Pins amongst 14 digital pins.
Analog Pins of Nano has a resolution of 10 bits and its fee modifications from 0 to 1024 and in terms of voltage it varies from 0V to 5V.
It has a crystal oscillator of 16MHz.
In order to upload code in it, we must use Mini USB Pin connected on it.
It supports distinct protocols for verbal exchange, which are:
Serial Protocol.
I2C Protocol.
SPI Protocol.
Flash reminiscence of Nano is 32kb and this is the memory in which our uploaded code is saved.
Arduino Bootloader is pre installed in this board and this bootlaoder takes 2kb of its flash memory.
SRAM memory is 2kb.
With current trends in era and innovation, a vast number of automobiles were customized to include telematics gadgets.Telematics are devices designed to connect and monitor all digital devices within your car. They are generally positioned on your automobile’s onboard diagnostic port (OBP), that is found near the guidance wheel below the dashboard.
One example of a telematics gadget is EyeRide Online, which presents an all-in-one fleet control tracking and tracking gadget.The primary characteristic of those telematics gadgets is to send and receive information thru community connections, which make your vehicle fully linked. There are two most important kinds of telematics structures:
· Embedded

· Non-embedded
Having a telematic system integrated or embedded into your car has many blessings:
Driver Behavior and Fleet Safety
Telematics assist promote secure using conduct, which in turn assist to lessen incidences of careless using, consequently decreasing the quantity of avenue accidents as well as boosting fleet safety. On the alternative hand, it helps fleet owners to intervene in actual-time when needed, which allows avoid collisions. Also, information accrued from the telematics device will let you enhance your driving behavior.
Cost Cutting and Fuel Economy
Telematic systems help growth gasoline efficiency, which ensures the shipping industryis capable of increase productivity and decrease operational costs.Telematics also improves the cars maintenance levels, because the device can notify you should upkeep be required.
Risk Management
Having the telematic device send records on your insurance company makes you eligible for rewards along with top rate reductions provided by the agency for safe riding. Additionally, these gadgets assist fleet operators identify driving force weaknesses and how they, the drivers, may be coached.