Types of Dental Partials

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Types of Dental Partials

Dental partials Austin TX are removable devices that replace missing teeth. There are several types of these devices. The most basic form is an all-pl

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Dental partials Austin TX are removable devices that replace missing teeth. There are several types of these devices. The most basic form is an all-plastic “flipper” made of acrylic and wire clasps. These devices are used as temporary solutions after tooth extraction or in cases of future tooth loss, an unstable bite, or a health problem.

Cast metal framework partials

Cast metal framework dental partials are made from a chrome cobalt alloy frame that is lightweight and durable. The alloy is nickel-free and offers high stability. In addition, wironium is much gentler on the natural dentition than chrome, which makes it an excellent choice for patients who are concerned about the stability of their partials. Cast metal partials are available with tissue-colored or clear clasps.

Cast metal framework dental partials are not normally used in procedures where teeth have been extracted. The metal framework can make the partial dentures difficult to fit prior to surgery. To combat this problem, one study modified the framework positioning so that previous fittings can be completed. This procedure also reduced the risk of an unfitting partial after the tooth extraction, which improved the clinical outcome.


Overdentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth and cover natural teeth. They are often referred to as hybrid or tooth-supported dentures, and are a great option for people with partial tooth loss. They are also very affordable. In some cases, overdentures are even used as an alternative to dental implants.

Overdentures can improve the appearance of a patient’s smile, and can even help them chew and speak properly. In addition, replacing missing teeth is important to help retain the structural integrity of the mouth and preserve facial features. Patients with extensive tooth loss often suffer from low self-esteem, and overdentures can restore their confidence.

Clasp dentures

Clasp dentures are made to hold a dental partial in place. They are often made from metal or acrylic. They are more stable than acrylic framework partials and can be less noticeable than metal framework partials. They are used when one or more teeth in the abutment area are missing.

Clasp dentures are fastened to a patient’s teeth with metal clasps. The clasps can either be placed on the top or bottom of the tooth. In addition to the clasp, a connector holds the denture together. This mechanism allows for the teeth to remain in position, while also avoiding any horizontal or vertical stress.

Removable partial dentures

A removable partials Austin TX denture is a denture that a person can wear if they are partially edentulous. These types of dentures can be designed for aesthetic or functional reasons. They are useful for patients who are not able to have a bridge because of financial or aesthetic limitations.

Removable partial dentures can be made of metal frameworks or can be made of more natural-looking connectors. The prosthetic is custom made for each patient. They may need to be adjusted over time because the mouth changes with age. This can cause discomfort.