INTRODUCTION  Caught up amidst the weekdays chaos?? Well, it's not easy to get along with the weekdays. Working hard to earn a livelihood but

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Caught up amidst the weekdays chaos?? Well, it’s not easy to get along with the weekdays. Working hard to earn a livelihood but completely forgetting ro live it, that’s how we explain our  life now. A daily 9 to 5 will get you sick in your mind,that can’t be relieved by just a beautiful sleep. Eloping the hustle bustle of the metropolitan is the best option, since it’s the only way to keep your mind in its right self. But the major problem you’re gonna face in the planning is the limitation of time and the overcrowded destinations. When all you want is a peaceful place,you are getting the exact other half. That pulls you back from getting out. We all know two days can’t get you to distant destinations. And that’s how after having long discussions with your mates, all you’ll end up at will be in your drawing room with popcorn and Netflix. 

But it’s all in the past. Because here is the list of those unexplored or less explored weekend destinations that would fill your torn up soul back to its real glow. After all, nature is the best healer, right!! 

So let’s jump straight into the list of weekend getaways from delhi :-




4.McLeod Ganj



Situated in Alwar, Rajasthan, it is an unexplored historic beauty seeking attention from the travellers.It also holds all the luxury and pride of the old royal dynasty and yet the not – so – old fashioned palace will leave you dumbfounded. Being there for a day will give you all the Maharaja vibes with royal car rides and massage spas.It’s a must visit for those who love ancient architecture and greenery. Altogether it’s a perfect hideout from your weekend blues. 

Distance from Delhi : 130 km. 

Travel time : 2 hrs  50 min 

Places to visit :Siliserh lake, wildlife safari at the Sariska National Park nearby. 

Best time for visit : end of  October to early July. 


Located in the state of Uttarakhand. 

Surrounded by hills and mountains this place in itself is a peaceful abode that enthralls you with its nature and fresh air. It’s quite ancient buildings and constructions provide amiable space for the architectural enthus to sink in. Also the place offers outdoor activities that makes sure that no one leaves this place with a heavy heart ever. It’s a perfect destination for a family hangout and get togethers. 

 Distance from Delhi: 260 km

Travel time:  4-5 hrs 

Places to visit : Bhulla lake,war memorial. 

Best time to visit : all seasons open. 


Positioned on the banks of the sacred river Ganges in uttarakhand. 

Adorned with the beauty of the city and the holy river cutting right through its middle, its no wonder why a lot of people end up landing here in the hunt for serenity. A never seen before aura welcomes you to the Ganga Arti on the Triveni Ghat. Also this place quenches the thirst of your adrenaline rush with its daring river rafting and bungee jumping acts. This place leaves no room for regrets once you step in. Such a spiritual and awakening vibe that will take your soul for a roller coaster ride. 

Distance from Delhi : 240 km 

Travel time : 5 – 6 hrs by road. So better take a train to save your time

Places to visit : Ram jhula,Triveni Ghat

Activities to do: Bungee jumping,zip lining, river rafting. 

Best time to visit : mid October to first end of may

4.McLeod Ganj 

Located near Dharamshala. 

Also known as ‘Little Lhasa’.  No doubt, it’s a center of Tibetan culture and Buddhism. This place is the right one for relaxation and exploring inner peace. This place gained international attention for its yoga practice and spreading Tibetan traditions worldwide. besides religion and yoga. It’s also alluring with its streets and shops. Once you start, you will find it difficult to stop with the handicrafts from the natives. Also the traditional food will just steal your heart down. 

Distance from Delhi : 480 km 

Travel time : 9 hrs 30 min 

Places to visit : Namgyal monastery, Tibetan museum, Bhagsu falls. 

Best time to visit : all seasons open. 


So here’s the last but no way least destination for your perfect weekend. This beauty will make all your tiredness evaporate in just a few seconds with its landscape. It has the most picturesque view with several buildings built in the colonial period. You will not lament the decision of choosing Shima over everything else on your list. The air and atmosphere is so romantic here that if you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your partner, then it’s a brilliant choice. 

Distance from Delhi : 345 km 

Travel time : 7 hrs  40 min 

Places to visit: Jakhoo temple, Rafting, trekking 

Best time to visit : summer time 

(pro tip: avoid monsoon for last minute cancellation of plans due to adverse weather)