Top 7 Pizza Restaurants: For Delicious Slice Of Pizza


Top 7 Pizza Restaurants: For Delicious Slice Of Pizza

Who doesn't love a scrumptious slice of pizza with the gooeyness of cheese topping? Pizza lovers come from every age group comprising kids, adults, an

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Who doesn’t love a scrumptious slice of pizza with the gooeyness of cheese topping? Pizza lovers come from every age group comprising kids, adults, and old people. Everybody craves these appetizing food items. One of the remarkable changes of globalization is that all the popular food items of the world are easily accessible for  everybody. Pizzas are the best example of the cross culture food evolution as a result of globalization.The rapid popularity of pizza can be gauged from the fact that pizza restaurants are present in every corner of the world.

The good thing about pizza is that it is not restricted to any one country. It has become a cosmopolitan dish relished all around the world. The pizzas are known for their various topping options and sauces. Some of the famous topping options are pepperoni, radicchio, lettuce, bacon, tomato basil, mushrooms, onions, olives, sausages, peppers, and cheese; the list is endless. 

Amongst various pizza restaurants, Pizza Hut is a unique place for all pizza lovers. The pizza restaurant offers a large variety of pizzas with multiple side dishes. You can grab the best deals by applying the Pizza Hut Coupon Code and enjoying a delicious slice of pizza.

Keep scrolling to learn about the best places around the world for the best pizza restaurants. In the subsequent articles, we have narrowed down the list of seven pizzerias in the world.

Let us give a look at the world’s famous pizza restaurants found all over the world:

  • Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo falls under the category of the best pizza restaurant in Italy. The pizza restaurant is present in the beautiful city of Naples, known for its best-quality pizza. The famous city is the home of pizza, and Gino is located in the old streets of  Via del Tribunal. 

Gino Sorbillo offers the most succulent flavors of sizzling pizza with umpteen topping options. They come under the most cherished pizza restaurants in Naples. The best quality pizza has a perfect crust with tons of cheese, making them the best pizza place. The toppings of olive, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, yummy pepperoni, and many other options. These yummy toppings increase the flavors of the pizzas tenfold. 

So next time, if you are visiting Italy, Gino Sorbillo is the best place to have a yummy slice of pizza.

  • Pizzeria Mozza

Pizzeria Mozza is the best pizza restaurant in Los Angeles. The art of pizza making travels through Italy to blend in with the premium quality ingredients of Los Angeles. Their pizza’s USP is a perfectly chewy and crispy thin crust with sweet and sour toppings of the pizza sauce. The most exciting thing about Mozza is the fun and innovative topping options.

Top 7 Pizza Restaurants: For Delicious Slice Of Pizza

Some of the most popular topping options are provolone, crispy bacon, salami, cherry tomatoes, and dry oregano. Additionally, you can also top your pizza with iceberg lettuce, radicchio, and lettuce and the option is endless. The place is very small and chic, bustling with the noise of pizza-hungry customers. Make sure to have reservations so that you don’t have to wait in queues for tasty pizza.

  • La Gatta Mangiona

La Gatta Mangiona is the best place for woodfired pizzas located in Rome. The chef of the pizza restaurant Giancarlo Casa is quite adventurous and does a lot of experimenting with pizzas. Their pizzas go through innovation through different kinds of dough and seasonings. The taste of their pizzas is a perfect blend of traditional and offbeat flavors.

 The crust of the pizza is a lot thicker than the traditional Roman pizza. Pizza dough is a long-rising kind and is light, crispy, and tasty. The toppings have very unusual combinations for all kinds of taste preferences. One can, in summer, find the toppings of pizzas with edible flowers. If you are visiting  Rome in June, then you can find an interesting topping pizza at La Gatta Mangiona. 

  • Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee’s pizza is akin to a rich and hearty slice of pie. The pizza restaurant is located in Brooklyn, New York. They have a reputation for selling the best quality pizza with delicious pizza sauce and cheesy goodness. At Pauli, you can get a perfect combination of creativity and innovation.

Without a doubt, Pali Gee is the best chain of pizza restaurants all around New York. The place is perfect for those looking for vegan pizza options. So next time, order your pizza with your favorite toppings and enjoy the treat.

  • Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria & Pasta Bar 

Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria is the best place to satisfy your pizza cravings. The pizza restaurant is located at Grand Baie in the north of Mauritius, run by Italians. This family-owned pizza place is popular for its wood oven pizzas and tasty pasta plates.

It would be justifiable to say that they offer the best pizza across the globe. If you are visiting Mauritius and are a pizza lover, then Lugni’s pizzeria is the best pizza destination.

  • Pizzeria L’Operetta

If you are planning to enjoy your summer with Neapolitan Pizzas without visiting the city of Naples, then Pizzeria L’Operetta is the best option. This Singapore-based pizza restaurant holds a certification from Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (VPNA). The pizza place is known for its authentic pizza with tasty pizza sauce and multiple topping options. Some of the most famous topping options are ham, tomatoes, bacon bits, potatoes, pineapple, and many more. Additionally, you can also find toppings with many Japanese ingredients.

If you are fond of experimenting with food, then this place is definitely for you to eat and enjoy a unique style of pizza.

  • Goodfellas

Goodfellas pizza offers the best blend of flavor profiles of  Tuscany and Sardinia in India. This is a very quiet pizzeria with a lovely ambiance, perfect for a romantic date. The pizza restaurants are owned and run by three Italian expats giving the pizzas Italian vibes. Their pizzas are woodfired oven-based and have a perfectly thin crust with scrumptious sauce and many topping options.

The most popular pizza is Alla Norma having toppings of smoked aubergine cream, feta, and tomato confit, topped with crispy aubergine. Goodfellas is a bright and inviting space with a casual and informal vibe, perfect for a quick lunch or impromptu dinner.

Wrapping Up With The Top Pizza Restaurants

Pizza is the warmest and most comforting food item that is loved by all because of its versatile flavor profile. The best thing about pizzas is that you can customize them according to your preferences. In this article, we have listed in detail the seven best pizza restaurants present across the globe. These places are known for their appetizing slice of pizzas with multiple toppings as well as sauce options. Among all, the most famous pizza is the woodfired oven pizza with a hint of smokiness with a perfect crust.