Top 7 Best Video Game Knights, Ranked


Top 7 Best Video Game Knights, Ranked

Knights were some of the most powerful soldiers in the Middle Ages, so it makes sense that there are a lot of famous knights in video games. There

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Knights were some of the most powerful soldiers in the Middle Ages, so it makes sense that there are a lot of famous knights in video games.

There are a lot of exciting games that make you feel like a warrior, but only a few that let you become a powerful knight or fight against bosses who are also knights. Knights were some of the most powerful warriors in the Middle Ages, and many of the games that feature them were based on battles they fought in real life.

But players can also try out fun hack-and-slash games and feel-good fantasy adventure games that let them fight evil and become brave knights. Gamers can also show off their fighting skills by using some of the most exciting weapons that real warriors used to protect their country and become knights.

Cecil – Final Fantasy IV

Cecil - Final Fantasy IV

Cecil was a kind Dark Knight who was also surprisingly shy. He was a strong warrior who had trouble following his king’s orders. But when Cecil realized he was doing what an evil and cruel king told him to do, he decided to quit being a knight and become a brave Paladin.

Final Fantasy IV is a gorgeous JRPG that is great for both new and experienced players. Final Fantasy IV is a beautiful game, and players can even find interesting hidden details. Gamers get to go on a magical and unforgettable adventure while fighting against a cruel king to make the kingdom happy again.

Sir Arthur – Ghouls ‘n Ghost

Sir Arthur - Ghouls ‘n Ghost

Ghouls ‘n Ghost is one of the best old games that is based on old stories. With this exciting action, players can take on the role of Sir Arthur, a brave knight, and explore the scary Demon Realm while trying to save their one true love, Princess Prin Prin.

It’s a great choice for gamers who love both old games and classic fairy tales and are ready to face demons and Satan himself on their adventure. Players will have a chance to show how brave they are by saving Princess Prin Prin’s soul and bringing peace back to the kingdom.

Link - The Legend Of Zelda

Link is a strong and brave knight in The Legend of Zelda. He has been in many games over the past 20 years. Link was once a simple but brave young boy who proved he was a real hero by going on exciting and dangerous adventures.

He is also one of the bravest and kindest knights in games. He is always willing to give his life to fight evil and protect innocent people. Link is a Knight of Hyrule, and he and Zelda both went to a school for Knights. With these fun games, players can become knights and explore a fantasy world with great detail, including some of the best hub cities from The Legend of Zelda.

Meta Knight – Kirby

Meta Knight - Kirby

Kirby games are funny, colorful, and a great choice for both new and more experienced gamers who like games with great stories and lots of fun. Meta Knight is the most popular knight in the Kirby games, and he shows up in almost all of them.

Players can fight against one of the cutest and strongest knights in video game history in these classic Nintendo Switch games. Meta Knight challenges Kirby to fight a lot, but he isn’t a bad knight and always follows the rules of chivalry. Players will be able to explore a colorful world and try to help Kirby protect his home from dangers.

Frog – Chrono Trigger

Frog - Chrono Trigger

Frog, also known as Glenn, is the most popular knight in video games who is not a person. He is the powerful knight from the Middle Ages in Chrono Trigger. With this famous JRPG, players can get lost in a fun time-traveling adventure while exploring a magical fantasy world and fighting with and against powerful warriors.

Frog is one of the most powerful characters in Chrono Trigger. Even though he was cursed and turned into a humanoid frog, he never gave up and still used his powers to fight for good. Chrono Trigger is a great game for people of all ages who want to go on an exciting adventure and fight one of the best final bosses in JRPGs.

The Knight – Hollow Knight

The Knight - Hollow Knight

The Knight is one of the most scary and powerful knights in video games. He or she has no gender. With Hollow Knight, players can step into the shoes of The Knight and explore the ruins of a once-majestic kingdom in a hauntingly beautiful open world that is based on dark fantasy.

Even though Hollow Knight is harder than most games, it’s also one of the most atmospheric and beautifully made, with a gripping story that will keep players of all skill levels entertained on their journeys. While fighting monsters and exploring caverns, gamers will have the chance to find out a dark and old secret.

The Tarnished – Elden Ring

The Tarnished - Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the most cinematic role-playing games. It has a great open world, powerful warriors, and magical creatures. Players of this famous dark fantasy game get to be The Tarnished, the once-powerful and respected knights who have been kicked out of the Lands Between.

Players can go on an unforgettable adventure by themselves or with other people in the game’s multiplayer mode. They can get lost in the game’s world, which has a lot of history and atmosphere, as they try to become Elden Lords. Slope Game is a harder game, but it will always be fun for players of all skill levels.