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new cryptocurrencies of 2022

The crypto market is evolving and evolving fast. There are over 18,000 cryptocurrencies today and the crypto scape welcomes a host of new coins almost every few months. While Bitcoin is still the undisputed king, the new coins are also gaining momentum among investors. Futuristic developments in the fintech scene such as the rise of dApps, metaverse, NFTs, etc. have led to the creation of several correspondent coins that have scaled up the crypto scene to newer heights. So, while Bitcoin and Ethereum are still reigning strong, investors are also pinning hopes on the new cryptocurrencies of 2022 for high yields. Read more about digital assets cryptocurrency

The post below rounds up the top 10 new cryptocurrencies of 2022 that are poised to offer high returns in the coming years.

  1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Launched this year, Lucky Block took the crypto world by storm by raising a whopping 3.4 million USD (trading volume) the very first day it debuted for trading. A top favorite among the new cryptocurrencies of 2022, LBLOCK has soon made headway in the list of fastest cryptos to hit the 1 billion mark.

Operating on BSC, Lucky Block represents a P2E crypto-based gaming platform that aims to revolutionize the colossal 330 billion USD worth gambling industry. As part of their mission, the Lucky Block team has devised an operational strategy that can ensure complete transparency for every user. The platform harnesses the power of a futuristic decentralized network to maintain a far gaming and reward-winning opportunity for every player.

LBLOCK is worth considering when you are looking for new cryptocurrencies of 2022 with potential of higher returns.

  1. DeFi Coin (DEFC)

If staking is your game in the cryoto scene, the DeFi Coin will be a top pick among the best new cryptocurrencies of 2022. Launched by DeFi Swap, the coin witnessed an incredible 462% high in value within a fortnight of the launch.

Undoubtedly one among the highly potential new cryptocurrencies of 2022, DeFi Coin stands out with 3 disruptive features- automated liquidity pool, cutting-edge static rewards, and manual burning of coins. The DeFi platform also attempts to keep volatility in check by encouraging users to practice HODL for a longer time. When coin owners keep coins on hold for a longer period, it helps to reduce day trading, the key reason behind high volatility in crypto.

  1. Decentraland (MANA)

For those planning to foray into Metaverse in the coming months, Decentraland offers a grand opportunity to be a part one of the most remarkable web 3.0 revolutions. In fact, with the Metaverse buzz fast gaining momentum, some experts believe MANA is among the top 3 new cryptocurrencies of 2022.

Decentraland represents a virtual world based on blockchain where you have to use MANA to purchase land as well as create avatars.

  1. Cardano (ADA)

Cryptocurrencies have earned the wrath of environmentalists for their high energy consuming mining process. In that light, green-conscious developers are working on advanced cryptocurrencies that can reduce energy consumption. Their planet-friendly efforts have brought to life a bunch of comparatively less energy-consuming new cryptocurrencies of 2022. Cardano is one among them.

Cardano is strategically backed by the PoS consensus mechanism. The cutting-edge consensus technology is more scalable compared to traditional PoW mechanisms and assures less energy consumption and greener operation.

  1. StakeMoon (SMOON)

If you are on the lookout of new cryptocurrencies of 2022 that offer grand staking rewards, StakeMoon will be your go-to pick.

A next-gen decentralized portal, StakeMoon aims to reward its long-term holders through fixed tax rate and financial compensation.

All trades that are carried on the platform carry a fixed 15% tax rate. It helps to lessen frequency of day trading and keep short-term traders at bay. In regard to financial compensation, StakeMoon distributes an equal share of 10% to all token holders and the rest (5%) is sent to the token’s liquidity pool.

When it comes to new cryptocurrencies of 2022 that are loved by token holders, StakeMoon is always a preferred option.

  1. ApeCoin (APE)

A hot favorite among the whales, it would be a shame not to include APE in the list of new cryptocurrencies of 2022 that can assure high returns. Interestingly, ApeCoin is the native currency of Ape DAO, the DAO platform created by the BAYC team of the BAYC NFT-fame.

As per the experts, APE shows excellent growth potential in coming years. The coin could hit over $130 by the final lap of 2024. APE reached a higher momentum especially after BAYC announced to make APE the chief currency of their upcoming Metaverse project.

APE is one among the most rewarding new cryptocurrencies of 2022 that can lead you to test the waters in Metaverse.

  1. Avalanche (AVAX)

One of the most ambitious new cryptocurrencies of 2022, Avalanche stands out with its next-gen infrastructure and technology. The Avalanche project has deployed as many as 3 blockchains to reduce burden on one single blockchain by delegating fixed responsibilities to each chain. The platform is further backed by cutting-edge DPoS consensus that assures incredible rate of TPS, near-instant finality, and more eco-friendly operation than PoS networks.

AVAX will be your coin if you are looking for new cryptocurrencies of 2022 with futuristic goals.

  1. Solana (SOL)

Solana is one of the new cryptocurrencies of 2022 that offer excellent scalability and super-fast TPS. It’s an open-source project where developers are always welcome to work on game-changing DeFi solutions. Interestingly, despite being a new kid on the block, Solana has surprised by frequently hitting ATHs pretty often. The SOL coin is estimated to witness 400% higher in coming months. If you are looking for new cryptocurrencies of 2022that might wage a revolution, bank on SOL.

  1. Stepn (GTM)

Stepn introduces the innovative “move-to-earn” concept in the crypto scene, thereby unleashing new avenues for both NFT and crypto. Truly one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies of 2022, Stepn rewards users with GMT when they are able to reach a certain number of step-count.

Talk about the new cryptocurrencies of 2022 that also take care of your health and Stepn will make a great pick.

  1. Polygon (MATIC)

Developed by the elite Polygon team, MATIC has to be on the list of one of the best new cryptocurrencies of 2022. The coin has quickly made its mark as a potential investment medium and experts are hopeful about a stellar growth for MATIC in coming years. A major art of the crypto community believes that MATIC is likely to cross $2 by 2030.


Not all coins on the list of new cryptocurrencies of 2022would be compatible for you. Make sure to study the price, market cap, as well as growth potential of each of them before making an investment.

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