Why Should You Convert Your OST To PST Using ToolsCrunch Mac OST To PST Converter


Why Should You Convert Your OST To PST Using ToolsCrunch Mac OST To PST Converter

You use Outlook for your email. Outlook can no longer open the file, but you need to recover information from it. Either your file is corrupted or dam

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You use Outlook for your email. Outlook can no longer open the file, but you need to recover information from it. Either your file is corrupted or damaged. There is just one way to restore your data: using OST to PST Converter Software. Learn more about this tool’s features and how it functions.


What Is The OST To PST Converter For Mac Program?

To convert your Exchange files (emails, contacts, attachments, notes, calendar, etc.) to an Outlook format, use ToolsCrunch Mac OST to PST Converter. It assists in the recovery of data from corrupt or inaccessible OST files.

The software is compatible with programs that run on Mac and Windows OS. In actuality, OST files are offline storage files that precisely replicate your email account on the local storage of your computer.

When your Exchange Server is temporarily unavailable, you can still access your mailbox thanks to these locally saved files.

When Should I Use The Mac OST To PST Converter From ToolsCrunch?

Mac OST to PST Converter software is usually required when the locally saved OST files you are working on are no longer able to be accessed by Outlook. When OST files are missing from the Server, many OST files become inaccessible, including:

If the Microsoft Exchange Server fails;

  • If your connection to the Exchange server is permanently lost;
  • Abrupt hardware failures such as a computer problem, a failure of a data storage device, a power outage, etc.
  • When the Outlook utility software abruptly goes down as a result of sending several emails or at the end of a day without fully exiting Outlook, for instance;
  • When you need to restore emails from a mailbox that was deleted from a PC after an employee left the firm;
  • Because Outlook only uses PST files for POP3 email accounts, you must move from an IMAP/MAPI account to a POP3 account.

What Functions Does Mac Offline OST To PST Converter Offer?

Only software like Mac OST to PST Converter will help you recover your work when an OST file from Tool becomes unavailable. You can convert an Outlook OST file to a PST (Personal Storage Table) file with the help of the Mac OST to PST Converter.
Analysis of Files and Email Sorting

To find all recoverable files on your local storage, Mac OST to Outlook PST Conversion first runs an OST scan. The gadget has a feature that lets you show emails by group or sort them by date, subject, kind, importance, etc. to make it easier for people to find you in their emails.

Data Extraction from Inaccessible or Corrupt OST Files

The software enables you to import all of the data from a corrupted or unreadable OST file into a new PST file.
The data that had not been synchronized after the connection to the Exchange server was severed will thereafter be restored by importing this PST file into the Outlook program. You will be able to locate all of your info going forward.

Conversion of Secured OST Files

Have you ever encrypted an OST file to limit access, only to find that Outlook is unable to open the file? How can I access my data? Be more at ease.

Install the helpful program ToolsCrunch Offline OST to Conversion Services after downloading it. The program will assist you in converting the locked-up encrypted OST file to a PST file so you may access it once more.

All Microsoft Objects are converted to Outlook Compatible Format

You may recover corrupted emails from your OST file as well as notes, journals, contacts, attachments, calendar entries, and more with the OST File to PST Converter program.

All of the items in the OST file are converted by the software to PST files. The number of converted items in each email folder is indicated via a counter that is shown.


Individual Emails Saved, Batch Conversion Available

Offline OST files to PST Files Converter is a more versatile and powerful piece of software than the majority of its rivals. In fact, if you need only a few specific items in your orphaned OST file, you can extract those exclusively. You have the option to use the software to look through the batch of emails in your inaccessible OST file and find and extract specific emails.

If you have a lot of OST items to convert and don’t have the time to wait for them all to convert, this feature will come in very handy for you.

Therefore, it will be necessary to select the email or emails that interest you, which you will then convert to PST format. Simply choose the appropriate sorting criteria to locate the email (Date, subject, recipient, etc.).

For those who select the Tech edition of the program, there is also the option of using the batch conversion tool. To improve tracking, you only need to choose a few OST files for translation and save these to a designated location.

OST file analysis data should be saved.

Save no more time wasting with the Mac OST to PST Converter. The software enables you to divide the scan and preview processes if you are too busy to complete the OST file conversion in one sitting.

Few Emails Per Folder, One Free Conversion

Even the publisher’s free software allows you to convert a small number of emails per folder to PST format following the analysis stage.
The software enables you to save the freshly produced PST file to any specified location on your local storage after the conversion is finished. Even a novice may easily traverse the converting procedure because of the software’s exceptional simplicity.