Tips to Write a Successful Acknowledgement for Dissertation


Tips to Write a Successful Acknowledgement for Dissertation

A dissertation must be submitted as part of the requirements for doctoral or master's programs. A dissertation is a piece of writing that provides a s

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A dissertation must be submitted as part of the requirements for doctoral or master’s programs. A dissertation is a piece of writing that provides a summary of the research done and presents findings on a problem or a subject of the student’s choice. A Dissertation Help in demonstrating a student’s knowledge of their subject as well as their ability to define a topic/subject using research methods.


In the dissertation writing process, students must submit an acknowledgment as part of their dissertation. Although, the acknowledgment section is not an important part of the assignment (Hyland, 2004). This blog discusses how to write acknowledgment for dissertation, lists things to put in dissertation acknowledgments, and provides examples and tips for dissertation acknowledgments.


What is Dissertation Acknowledgement?

A dissertation acknowledgment is written to recognize and thank all the people and academic departments who provided assistance to you while you were writing your dissertation. You express your gratitude to the financial backers, dissertation advisors, other academics, family members, colleagues, and friends who supported your research and writing efforts in this section. The acknowledgment follows the dissertation’s title page and is no more than one page long.


Importance of Thesis Acknowledgement?

Some students include an acknowledgment section in their thesis or dissertation because they found it challenging, while others do it because they put in a lot of effort over a long period of time. If a lot of people have helped you, you should think about thanking them. Who are these people? It is common to see the following in a thesis acknowledgment:

  • Classmates
  • Teachers
  • Advisors
  • Colleagues
  • Family
  • Potential respondents


Thanking those who assisted you with your research is the primary goal of an acknowledgment page.


Professional and academic recognition

A dissertation is never completed in a vacuum. From the readers of your work to the academic supervisors who guided you through the project, there are many people you should thank. Thank them for your dissertation acknowledgments. When naming, make sure to use full names and titles. Your supervisor is probably familiar with you by name after a lengthy writing process. To properly credit them, however, include their full name and title. In this section, there are no absolute rules, but you should remember to thank those who gave you a lot of assistance. Take into account the following:

  • Dissertation supervisors.
  • Academics who directly contributed to the study, like lab staff or your research team, in academia.
  • Colleagues who helped you with research or proofreading


How to Write a Dissertation Acknowledgement

There is no standard format for writing a dissertation acknowledgment. Simply expressing gratitude to those who assisted you should be your first step. As an acknowledgment is more personal, you can write in a more casual tone. It must be written in the first person. Individuals, institutions, and organizations can all be recognized. It is best, to begin with, professional acknowledgments and then move on to personal acknowledgments. In some acknowledgments, you can simply say thank you, whereas, in others, you can elaborate on how that person assisted you.

When writing the acknowledgments for your dissertation, bear the following in mind:


  • Understand your school’s requirements.
  • Thank the appropriate members of your institution.
  • Thank the appropriate people in your personal life.
  • Add a sense of humor (when appropriate).
  • Maintain the proper length.


  1. Know the requirements for your school.

The first step is to inquire with your university about any guidelines or restrictions on what can be included in the acknowledgments section of your dissertation. Some schools have word or page limits.


Others may restrict the types of things you can say, but there have been a few limitations. Universities understand that success, in a sense, requires a village, and they want to provide you with ample opportunity to thank those who have contributed to your success.


  1. Determine Who to Thank

The completion of a dissertation is cause for celebration. Feel free to express your gratitude to those who have had a significant impact on your life. Most of the time, it is preferable to start with formal relationships and work your way down to the more intimate ones. Keep in mind that the list of acknowledgments has a political component, so be careful not to leave out anyone from your institution who contributed. Consider thanking the following people as a courtesy:


  • Chair
  • Members of the Committee
  • Funder
  • Supervisors
  • Colleagues
  • Librarians (generalists and specialists)
  • Editors
  • Academics from other disciplines
  • Professional associates
  • Classmates who helped in some way
  • Participants in the study


Your dissertation’s acknowledgment section is a great place to express gratitude to those in your personal life who helped make it possible for you to finish this lengthy project while also attending school. These are some examples:


  • Former professors
  • The family consists of parents, spouses, children, and extended family members.
  • Friends
  • If you practice religion, you should also say “thank you” to God (using the name that corresponds to your religion).


  1. Add Humor into Dissertation Acknowledgements

Dissertations tend to be rather dry, so injecting some humor could make it more enjoyable for both you and the reader. This is especially true of the acknowledgments section, where a certain amount of humor is acceptable. one sample acknowledgment said “And now that I’ll get time to try relationships, I would like to thank my four unborn babies for being patient”. Remember to keep your humor professional and stay within reasonable bounds when using it. Avoid using critical (or self-critical) humor or casting anyone in a negative light.


  1. Length of Dissertation Acknowledgements

The length of acknowledgments varies significantly. Some topics are as brief as one paragraph, while others can last up to three pages.   As a general rule, keep your acknowledgments section to one page. Although there are no word limits, a lengthy acknowledgments section undermines the gratitude you are trying to convey, especially to those who have helped you the most.


Last words

The acknowledgment section of your dissertation is the one over which you have the least amount of say. Spend some time thinking about the people who helped you finish your journey, and be sure to thank them. You may also thank the companies that assisted you in completing your dissertation successfully (thedissertationhelp, 2022). Even if you dislike writing, you should make an effort to write this section well because it will let readers know who you are as a person.

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