Tips To Prepare Your Shopify Store For A New Year


Tips To Prepare Your Shopify Store For A New Year

Huh, it's already the end of one amazing year, isn't it? As we are all waiting to send off the year on an emotional note, Shopify owners have another

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Huh, it’s already the end of one amazing year, isn’t it? As we are all waiting to send off the year on an emotional note, Shopify owners have another thought. It’s the prime time for online retailers to make the most of this time. Are you ready to make this new year’s sales big, then we are here for you? 

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. Email marketing is the best place to engage with customers. Do you have a big list of customers for email marketing, then try to connect with those before to optimize for your holiday sales. Through these emails, retailers can remind customers for buying presents. You can provide free shipping, a special discount, or gift wrapping, or can just send a thank you email. Or just simply make a holiday announcement, 

As per the research, email marketing is very much responsible for 20% of holiday sales. Having email communication with the buyers turned out to be the finest way to improve sales while these seasonal holidays.

2. Manage the traffic handling & inventory 

Having your website crash while customers are eagerly waiting for new year’s shopping is such a bad dream for many retailers. No one wants their sites to crash while the peak holiday rush.

Too many customer visits at a similar time, mainly on special holiday sales such as new years sales or cyber Monday cause technical errors.  Didn’t you find any traffic spikes? Then check the website host to ensure the website can manage the traffic.

And also especially for new year’s sales ensure your inventory is bulked in advance. And stock the products that you like to promote while holidays. It is vital to get a good quantity of stock for every product you advertise. To make sure the visitors aren’t dissatisfied. Value how much attention you could get for specific elements depending upon the data from the prior new Year. 

3. Plan Out Promotions 

 Another foremost thing that retailers should figure out before starting with new years holiday sales is marketing. A good promotion of products while planning marketing decides your sales. So, determine what types of marketing you need. Here are the popular ones to follow:


  • Holiday-related coupon code
  • Free shipping
  • Gift item with a purchase
  • Buy-one-give-one promotions 

 Also, plan what social media channels you like to market on. Utilize graphic design tools such as Canva or hire a Shopify agency to create effective social media content. 

4. Recheck the  Store’s Shipping, Returns & payment issues:

During holiday sales New Year’s, shipping & returns policies need to analyze the shipping expectations.  Find how the returns work. Also,  discuss fees integrated with the return and shipping. It’s the finest way to prevent shipping problems,  unhappy customers, payment issues, and more. Consider offering shipping or free shipping to fight against companies such as Amazon.

Another vital thing is to analyze which payment options work for you. Assure that payment gateways such as Apple pay, Google pay, and PayPal is accessible along with credit card payments. You can offer pay later, buy now installment apps to the site. That makes it easy for people to finance their holiday shopping.

5. Update the store 

Holiday-themed websites are a sure shot to grab consumers’ attention that make them shop even more and more. Go with the seasonal colors as bright colors for this new year. Images such as new year’s fireworks,  gifts, or snowflakes can uplift the spirit. Try to optimize your website for mobile which ensures you don’t lose any customers. 

Update the Shopify product listings with fresh products before the new year season. Why don’t you design a separate listing, especially for the new year sale products? A special holiday product listing has the power to attract more consumers. 

The built-in SEO tools ensure descriptions are well-optimized for the keywords that targets are looking at.  A Shopify plus agency can optimize SEO for the product description which makes them rank well on the search engines. Also, optimize product descriptions or add visuals like videos, and images to improve customer engagement. Here are a few things to update on your store: 

  • Update the store’s graphics 
  •  Product range
  • Update shipping & return  policy
  • Offer special holiday sales
  • Update FAQs
  • Update and advertise on google, social media, or online groups
  • Share blog content 

6. Gift Cards & Discount Coupons

Can you tell me what’s better than gifting holiday gift cards or coupons to customers?  Gift cards are widely popular and needed things for consumers. For the people who have no idea what to purchase as presents now. In the future, they can find an opportunity to boost revenue. Whereas it’s proved that shoppers can spend more than the gift value card while shopping.

Those discount coupons enable online shoppers to purchase. This marketing tool is used for specific products. According to the research, people are more tend to buy from websites that’s offering good discounts.