Tips To Increase Laptop Speed


Tips To Increase Laptop Speed

A slow device can result in less productivity. The same goes for laptops. Even if your laptop is fairly new, at some point in time, it can slow down.

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A slow device can result in less productivity. The same goes for laptops. Even if your laptop is fairly new, at some point in time, it can slow down. Using a slow laptop can be challenging, but you do not need to chuck it or buy a new one. 

Here’s How You Can Boost Your Laptop’s Speed

If your laptop suddenly slows down, you can try a few things to speed it up. Little decluttering and technical tweaks can make your laptop work just fine. 

Uninstall Unnecessary Software

In order to improve your laptop’s speed, you need to check and uninstall any unwanted and unnecessary software. Like smartphones, laptops come with preinstalled applications that may not be useful. Uninstalling the ones that serve no purpose can free up disk space and make your laptop fast. 

To find such applications, click on the start button and find the apps menu. A list of applications installed on your laptop will show up. Once you have figured out which apps you do not need, you can uninstall them from the Options menu. 

However, some programs are required for your laptop to function smoothly. If you can not decide which apps to keep and which to delete, you can do an in-depth survey and check how much space each program takes. Some applications that start automatically and keep running in the background will hamper the speed of your computer.

Check Your Laptop for Viruses 

Clicking on suspicious links and downloading unauthorised programs or attachments can make your laptop prone to viruses or spyware. Installing a good antivirus can help you get rid of the malware. However, the antivirus software does not take much space, as this can again slow down your laptop. Avast and Bitdefender are two of the most popular antivirus software available in the market. You can also download their free versions online from their official sites.

Close System Tray Programs

If your laptop takes a lot of time to start, check the program in the system tray. These programs launch simultaneously with your operating system and keep running in the background while you use the laptop. Hence, they affect the speed of the device. If too many items are in the system tray, you can try changing settings or closing them. 

Restart your Laptop

The thing with laptops is that people seldom shut them down. Most laptop users let their devices go to sleep mode when not in use. Restarting your laptop will give it a fresh start. Programs shut down as you restart or reboot, and the temporary cache memory gets cleared. Therefore, restarting your laptop can make it work better. 

However, your laptop speed won’t enhance if you have a lot of programs on your system. Therefore, check the system tray programs before trying the restart solution.

To restart properly:

  • Click the Start button.
  • Choose Power. Select Restart or Shut Down. 

Additionally, it’s always preferred to restart or shut down before pressing buttons, removing power connectors, etc. It will definitely improve your system.

Check the Browser Storage

If your laptop runs slow, particularly when you use the internet, it can be because your browser has too much storage. Since the web browser is the application you use to access the web, it may load pages slowly if too clogged up. To solve this problem, close the browser and restart it. Installing an ad blocker and removing unwanted extensions can also help. 

Furthermore, updating the browser can also help in increasing the speed. Additionally, clear all cache in the browser and remove cookies regularly. Clearing history and closing browser tabs that are not in use may also help improve the efficiency of a study laptop

Improve Your Web Browser

Check to see if you have the latest versions of your web browser implemented if you observe that your study laptop is operating slowly while taking online classes. Although each browser has a different location for version information, you’ll always have an “About” option to display. Enable the option to automatically install updated versions if it exists.

Too many additions and add-ons might make your online browsing cumbersome. Again, depending on your browser, you should be able to uninstall any add-ons and additions you don’t want by going to the “Add-ons” or “Extensions” menu.


A slow laptop can hamper productivity and spoil the user experience. You do not need to purchase an expensive laptop to enjoy good speed. A few minor adjustments to an affordable laptop can deal with slow performance issues. Make sure you try the above suggestions to increase the speed and performance of your device before deciding to get a new one.