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Your first instinct is to be concerned when you detect fractures in your foundation or symptoms of settling. You have a lot of questions in your head. What’s the source of the problem? How much will the repairs cost? Where will you find someone trustworthy to make the repairs? These are all legitimate concerns, and you are entitled to answers.

The goal of a basement foundation repair company is to give the customers with the best solutions that will help them preserve and safeguard their basements for many years to come. We think that everyone deserves a safe and healthy home, as well as fair and honest treatment. To that end, we’ll go over a few crucial measures you should follow when looking for a contractor to repair your home. 

Make Contact With People You Know

One of the best methods to learn about reputable repair companies is through word of mouth. Local friends and neighbors can be a valuable source of information. While properties vary, it’s probable that others in your community have dealt with some of the same problems you have. Inquire whether they’ve dealt with identical issues before and with whom they’ve collaborated. Do they endorse them? Is it something you’d recommend to others? Take notes before moving on to Step Two. If you’re new to the area or haven’t needed such repairs before, you’ll have to broaden your search. Contact your HOA or the agent who sold you the house; chances are, one (or both!) of them will have a list of local contractors with whom they have worked.

Of course, you may always look for repair services on the internet. The only issue you may encounter in this case is that search engines are corporations. Companies pay to have their services advertised, and these advertisements will appear at the top of your searches. Advertising isn’t necessarily bad, but it can bias your search results. That is why Step Two is crucial.

Look Up Reviews on the Internet

Online reviews can be a valuable source of information, but they must be taken with a grain of salt, much like online searches. To increase their ratings, some organizations would pay for reviews or have their workers or relatives post phony ones. Another thing to keep in mind is that some websites charge a fee to post positive customer evaluations. Their business approach is “pay to play,” which means that if a contractor isn’t a premium customer, they limit the number (or type) of reviews they show to website users.

This is why it’s critical to look up a company’s reputation across multiple platforms. Some websites are more trustworthy than others, such as Google Business, Home Advisor, and Angi’s List. They strive to match or verify that the review is from a real homeowner who has dealt with the company in question.

Examine Their Documents to See if They’re Legitimate

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of contractors, check to see if they’re BBB-accredited. Not only do they offer customer reviews, but you can also see any potential conflicts that the BBB has assisted clients with resolving. This will allow you to observe how (and if) the contractor handles these issues.

Customer Service is Critical

Take a few notes when you contact or email a company to book an in-home appointment. It’s not like you’re studying for an exam; all you have to do is pay attention to how you’ve spoken to and treated. Is the company representative on time when they arrive? Did they phone or text you to let you know they were running late? Your time is valuable, and you deserve to be treated as such.

Do they instantly begin a sales presentation after they come and introduce themselves? They shouldn’t try to sell you anything until they’ve looked into the problem(s) you’ve identified. Do they ask you fair questions about your background, such as how long you’ve lived in the house when you first detected a problem and whether you have any time limits on when repairs can be completed?

This is your house, your shelter, and your most valuable asset. They should be interested in what you have to say. Indeed, what you’ve seen, heard, and smelled is crucial. They’ll need to know where the puddle developed if it’s happened before, and so on, if there was water in your basement, but it’s since dried out. 

It may not be scientific or strictly rational, but it’s excellent advice. If the company representative promises too much, pushes too hard or assures you everything will be exactly like it was before? You have a right to be cautious. All home repairs come with some possible risks or concerns; the rep should be clear and upfront about these with you. 

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