Tips for organizing an easy move removal london?


Tips for organizing an easy move removal london?

You have finally fulfilled your desire to move to a better home that is more suited to your needs. Your new apartment awaits you but, before you, it i

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You have finally fulfilled your desire to move to a better home that is more suited to your needs. Your new apartment awaits you but, before you, it is waiting to be furnished and for this, you have to move all your belongings from your Removals London old home. Even if you have not yet faced even a move in your life, you know well that it is a very tiring and complex task. Your car doesn’t allow you to take away much: maybe a few paintings, suitcases with clothes, personal items, perhaps the TV, but what about the rest?
What scares you is that you have to ask for help from at least a couple (if not even three) of your friends knowing that you are ruining the only day they have off, like Sunday.
Also, envisage all the stress involved in organizing the move and organizing your belongings. You will have to recover boxes, newspapers with which to pack the most fragile objects, rationalize the collection of all your possessions by dividing what you have in an intelligent and practical way, being careful not to mix things of different kinds.It is easy to understand that this basic packing task is followed by the transport that starts from where you have the things up to the vehicle with which you will make the move and where you will have to leave someone on guard while you load it up and down the stairs or with the lift.

Once the vehicle is full (by the way: do you know how to place things so as not to waste space and, above all, not cause damage to what you will be transporting?) you will have to drive and take on traffic and solve the problem of parking at the closest point to your new home where you will have to unload what you have crammed into the van.
But what are the tips to organize an easy move?
Let’s start with the fundamentals concerning the organization.Equipped with paper, pen and inkwell, start marking all (really all!) the things that will be moved, dividing them into various categories:

  • Mobile
  • Furnishings and furnishings
  • Major appliances
  • Cooking utensils
  • Locker room
  • Personal objects
  • Paintings
  • Books

you can insert all the macro-categories that are right for you, of course and mark the relative objects under each sector. This is a system which, first of all, will provide you with a complete list of things (which obviously must be checked when they enter the new house to verify that you have transported everything), and will allow you to understand the extent of the things to be transported.In the case of furniture, keep in mind that these (with some exceptions) must be disassembled and then reassembled and that, if DIY is not your forte, you need the help of some capable person equipped with suitable work tools .

If you have to disassemble a custom-made kitchen, you will have to take its measurements to relate them to the existing spaces in the new home and, if necessary, arrange for the relocation of drawer units and modular furniture, in order to be able to adapt them as needed (it is possible that you will have to buy a new customized support surface). Also in this case, the help of a person who knows how to disassemble the various elements and who can assemble them again is essential.

The list is also useful for adjusting how many containers you need. Avoid going around supermarkets and shops looking for empty cardboard boxes because: 1) most of the time they are damaged boxes; 2) they are not designed to contain heavy objects; 3) what you will find would still be insufficient. It is preferable to buy cardboard containers of various types (there are some also hangers complete with a horizontal tube to put crutches in!) which you will assemble yourself bearing in mind to put enough adhesive tape in the most critical points such as those of the openings. It goes without saying that the content must be written above each container, with the aim – once settled in the new home – of ordering things, following a certain logical thread.Use bubble wrap and cotton wool for the more fragile objects (crystal, glass, ceramic, etc.) to cushion the shocks and, above all, do not cram things together to save a couple of boxes: it is better for the objects to stay wide than piled up together.

Easy placement inside the van

Try to be rational in placing your belongings inside the van compartment. The reason lies in the fact of guaranteeing both the safety of the objects and the exploitation of the maximum load.
Obviously furniture or disassembled parts of these must be arranged at the bottom in a vertical position, always well anchored with straps or ropes and, immediately after, the demanding appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, etc.).Needless to underline the fact that fragile objects (think for example of crystals, glasses, ceramics, etc.) must find space in an intelligent position where, even if there were a sudden stop, nothing would hit them.

Precisely for these reasons

If to make a single trip you are forced to cram things in an unsafe way for their integrity, it is preferable to divide the things over two removals always with the aim of protecting the perfect conditions of the same even after transport.Precisely for these reasons, do not be caught unprepared and abound in belts and ropes or, alternatively, also belts for shutters, reminding you that there are never enough. It is also advisable to acquire old throws or blankets of any kind which must be placed Office Removals London between the furniture to prevent them from scratching each other when they collide.