Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

When a building is constructed, everything that will be added to it is planned. Everything is done after prior preparation, from the foundation to the number of rooms, how big the kitchen and room sizes will be, what colour to add, and what designs to apply. We must plan for all of these factors, as well as how to keep the building safe from fires. A fire can strike without warning; therefore, we should design our buildings in such a way that if one does occur, we have the proper equipment in place to keep you and your home safe.

How to prevent fire?

Some of the things to keep handy for fire prevention are:

  1. Installing a fire alarm with sprinklers to water the fire when it starts. Fire alarms not only warn you of a fire occurrence but also does the work of sprinkling water on the fire occurring can help in preventing the fire from spreading.
  2. Build the house with emergency exits and access. Emergency exits can help in fleeing if ever a fire occurs in the building. Emergency access in your building will allow the firefighters to get easy access to save you or anyone who is stuck in the building.
  3. Input signs that show or lead the way to the emergency exit. If you make an emergency exit, but people do not know where the exit is and how to get to the exit, it will be of no use. Add signs to the way of the emergency exit for people to get to it easier and faster.
  4. Installing smoke detection devices in the house. A fire starts with a cloud of smoke first before getting bigger. If you have a smoke detection system or device installed in your building, it can help to give you a prior warning before the fire gets any bigger, so you can easily diffuse it.
  5. Using flame retardant products in the interiors. When the interiors are made with products that are resistant to fire, it will go a long way in stopping the spread of fire and causing a lot of damage.
  6. Conducting regular checks for the possibility of fire. The devices you have installed for the prevention of fire need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure their working. You can never be sure if the devices are working, so it is always smart to keep a check on them.
  7. Maintaining smoke suppression devices. Smoke caused by fire can be harmful to the human body when inhaled. Smoke suppression devices will help in reducing such smoke and maintain the overall health of the people.
  8. Keep fire extinguishers in and around the building. These can help to put out the fire when it is small and manageable, leading to not causing the fire to grow big for further damages.
  9. Keep firefighters in contact with you in case of emergencies. If the fire gets out of hand and you are unable to control it or put it out, you will need the help f the firefighters to come and rescue you. Hence, it is always safe to keep in close touch with them.
  10. Create awareness among the people in the building. People need to know about the importance of what a fire accident could cause and ways of preventing it. This will help in the prevention of fire to a large extent.

Is there a single solution for fire prevention?

Yes, there is a single solution that does all the work for fire accident prevention. The firewall technology plywood by CenturyPly can help you prevent fire accidents and keep your building safe. This plywood slows the propagation of the fire and stops it from spreading. It is self-extinguishing technology once you remove the source of the fire. It also produces less smoke and helps in preventing harmful gasses from entering your body. It can be used for all areas, be it exterior or interior and in every type of building. It is boiling waterproof and termite-proof. It comes in the best quality and is super strong and durable.


The fire-retardant ply gives you the following benefits:

  • Firewall Protection is the only product that is truly IS 5509 certified, indicating that its quality is among the best and that no compromises have been made.
  • It meets international standards for dependable plywood, not just Indian ones. Increasing the quality of the plywood.
  • CenturyPly’s plywood has Nano-engineered particles that make it resistant to extremely flammable circumstances. As a result, it is the most fire-resistant plywood currently available.
  •  It also lowers fire penetration and delays the spread of flames. If a fire breaks out, this helps to extend the time it takes to save people and other valuables.
  • During a fire, it also reduces the amount of smoke and other gases emitted, preventing hazardous gases from entering the body and keeping you healthy and free of diseases.
  • The plywood is of high grade, and both the plywood and the adhesive used in it are of remarkable quality.
  • The plywood comes with a 21-year borer and termite warranty.

To know is to gain more ideas on how to prevent any sorts of accidents. Now that you know of this amazing product, why rely on anything else. Choose the best for the safety of your building and you.

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