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ktm duke 200

Since its introduction in 2012, the 200 CC Duke has been selling like hotcakes in India. This was the first bike offered by the Austrian brand, and they did a marvellous job. It became an instant hit among riders of all ages.

KTM chose to give the bike a much-needed update recently, and with that, the bike became more appealing for one and all.

Here is a breakdown of the various aspects of the bike in detail –

The Looks

The latest iteration of the KTM Duke 200 is more impressive than the version it is replacing. The designers at KTM made sure that the visual modifications were not overdone. This is why the outgoing model and the latest offering look similar, but the latter is much better.

Experts would point out that the latest version of the Duke 200 is not that different from other KTM bikes. They would be right. The newest version of the Duke carries the familiar naked streetfighter looks.

The inverted triangle headlamp cowl adds to the appeal of the bike. The cowl has an integrated LED DRL. The headlamp unit does not have an LED bulb but a halogen bulb for illumination duties.

The shape of the headlamp complements the new 13.5-litre fuel tank. The fuel tank boasts sharply designed tank shrouds. The tank shrouds also boast subtly designed but well-defined graphics. The subframe of the bike has been re-engineered. This is apparent when one looks at the sleek rear section and redesigned split seats.

The Package on Offer

The overall package minus the redesigned aesthetics and re-engineered chassis remains the same.

To put things into perspective, the bike still carries the all-LED, orange backlit instrument console. Although, slight revisions are apparent when one pays attention to the overall layout of the display. Enthusiasts would have welcomed a whole new unit, but that would be wishful thinking!

The centre console is still programmed to show important ride-related information like –

  • Service-due reminders
  • Current (and average) fuel consumption
  • Time
  • Current speed
  • Odometer and
  • Tachometer.

The best update (or upgrade) comes in dual-channel ABS from Bosch! The previous generation of the 200 Duke came with single-channel ABS.

Seating Position

Now, the seating stance is bent forward a bit, a typical seating stance on a streetfighter bike. The newly designed fuel tank offers more support to the rider’s inner thighs. The comfort factor of the seats has been taken up a notch or two. The seat height has also been revised. The bike now has a seat height that is 5mm more than the outgoing version. The increased seat height increases the aggressiveness of the riding stance by many folds.


The revised subframe, the increased seat height and aggressive riding stance made the bike nimbler while taking corners. Quick overtakes are now more precise. The re-engineered frame made the bike feel balanced even at low speeds while manoeuvring traffic.


Beneath the revised split-Trellis frame lays the same single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, BS6-tuned, 199 CC motor.

Although, the ECU has been remapped to let the motor run more lean instead of rich. This allows the bike to comply with the BS6 emission norms. The remapping did not rob the power and torque output of the motor, though. They remain the same as before, at 24.7 BHP and 19.3 Nm of peak power and torque, respectively.


The bike’s gearbox remains the same, but the gear ratios have been tweaked a bit. This allows the bike to achieve its electronically limited top speed of 137 KMPH in no time.

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Is it Worth It?

First of all, KTM is a brand known for selling performance-oriented and ready-to-race motorcycles. Hence, choosing a KTM is a great idea. Secondly, the Duke 200 was already an appealing motorcycle. The latest update only made it better. The current iteration of the bike offers more value for money than one would spend on it. With an aggressive average ex-showroom price of Rs 1.72 lakhs*, it is worth one’s money and experience. It is as simple as that!

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