The Simplified Dressing Guide for Body’s Shape Plus-Size Women


The Simplified Dressing Guide for Body’s Shape Plus-Size Women

Have you ever been out shopping and found the most adorable pair of pants, tried them on, then glanced in the mirror and noticed that you had gained 1

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Have you ever been out shopping and found the most adorable pair of pants, tried them on, then glanced in the mirror and noticed that you had gained 10 pounds but lost two inches? The cut clearly wasn’t designed to fit your body. Knowing your body’s shape will help you shop and be confident that you’ll look stunning in every outfit. Finding the perfect pieces with the appropriate style makes a good wardrobe work.

What is the body shape?

There are a variety of body shapes available, but we’ll stick to the most basic four.

Pear, Apple, Rectangle, and Hourglass. Each has distinctive characteristics that can help you determine who you’re. Find out how to get the perfect one for you.

It is the Pear form of the body.

It is believed that the Pear form is most popular among women, and it is defined by the fact that you carry your weight on the lower part of yours. Therefore, you’re an emerald if you’re heavier on the bottom and have larger hips and thighs. As a Pear, you’ll want to wear brightly colored tops with plenty of attention-grabbing features to draw the attention of your hips and draw your eyes upwards, looking for interesting sleeves or collar treatment. Wear fitted jackets that stop at the waistline and emphasize your slim waist.

You’re trying to balance those weighty thighs and hips by balancing your slim top half. Try to stay clear of tiny pencil skirts that are tight-fitting or jeans with low-ridding or bright colors that draw attention to your hips and thighs. Beware of clothes that finish at the hips. They’ll make you appear bulky and bulky.

It is the Apple Body shape.

The Apple shape is known to carry weight in the mid- or middle-section. They do not have a clearly defined waist and usually have arms and legs that are smaller. Being an apple, you must stay clear of items that add bulk to your midsection, for instance, pleated skirts or short boxy jackets.

It is recommended to wear longer-length tops. The empire silhouette is particularly flattering on an apple-shaped silhouette. Look for tops with any design element at the neckline to help draw attention upwards.

Rectangle body shape

Rectangles are a popular shape. The rectangle shape is quite straight across and down, and they have a little bit of a waist, aren’t very curvy, and can have a lower bust. If you have a rectangular body shape, you should wear clothing that gives you a more curvaceous look. This can be achieved by wearing clothes that have more structure around the shoulder and can be secured to the waist with the help of a belt. Don’t wear low-rise pants or jeans, as they may cause you to appear too long at the core.


A woman with an Hourglass shape is usually very curvy, with full hips, a bust, and a small waist, giving her the hourglass shape. The ladies who have this shape should stay away from wearing clothes that are bulky and hide slim waists. Try wearing a simple wrap or sheath dress to showcase your specific curvatures.

Whatever shape your body is, you’ll always want to appear your best with the clothes you’re wearing, so you may need the assistance of the person shaper, AKA form wear. Shapers for your body are available in many designs and can perform various tasks. Check out my next blog post on the different types of body shapers.

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