Sat. Jun 25th, 2022
vr gaming

Gaming has a very long and rich history. From the inception of computers, gaming started its course of development. The development of games started back in the 1960s with MIT students creating simple simulations on mainframe computers. Spacewar was arguably the first game ever made by MIT students in the 1960s.

We have seen huge progress in gaming with advancements in technology — From 2-dimensional games in arcade parlours, to PlayStations and high-end gaming computers worldwide. We have come to a point where mobile gaming is a complete genre in itself. With every leap forward in technology and computing, gaming also sees a wave of advancement.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality gaming refers to the use of a three-dimensional artificial environment in games. Computer-generated conditions are made to look real with VR programming and introduced to the gamer in a way that supersedes that present environment. As a result, the gamer feels immersed in the game and plays with the game as one.

In simple words, a VR game includes a three-dimensional picture that can be intelligently interacted with on a computer or console via keys, mouse, or touchscreen. More complex games involve VR headsets, curved displays, and VR rooms decked with wearable PCs and tangible parts, like fragrances and haptics gadgets for physical feedback.

Things you need to play VR Games

VR games can be played on independent computers, specific game control centres, or utilising high-end laptops and PCs that can power the popular VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, among others.

The VR headsets are devices that wrap around a user’s eyes like spectacles. They are equipped with lenses that act as the screen. One can then see the display of the games directly through their eyes without any interaction or obstruction from the real-world environment. This creates an immersive experience for the gamer. For First Person games built in a 3-D environment, VR headsets can give you a very life-like experience.

Types of VR Games

There are individual VR games and multiplayer VR games. Many of these games are often online and can be played with players across the world.

Certain VR-enabled games place players in life-like battle and war conditions, while others include less intense challenges, for example, auto dashing and aerobatic flying. Then there are other types of VR games. These games challenge gamers to indulge in activities such as investigation, protests, movement, running, etc.

There are different types of VR games depending upon the platform on which they are run:

  • VR Games on Computers: These are games played on very good quality PCs and give the most precise virtual conditions and game choices. Famous VR headsets for this kind of setup are HTV Vive and Oculus Rift, among others.
  • VR Gaming on Consoles: These games are similar to the ones we just talked about; however, these work exclusively with gaming consoles like Playstation and Nintendo, among others. A great example of this setup is the PlayStation VR headset/platform.
  • VR Games on Mobile devices: For mobile VR gaming,  different smartphone brand are launching their VR equipment such as headsets, regulators, etc.

VR Gaming Arena

The hardware required for VR gaming is often expensive. It cannot be afforded by everyone, and as a result, a lot of gaming enthusiasts who want to experience VR gaming are not able to get that experience. The consoles, high-end PCs, and VR headsets often cost hundreds of dollars and are an expensive investment. To solve this problem, we saw the emergence of various VR gaming arenas. These are similar in concept to the gaming arcades we used to have in the 90s. However, these are fully equipped with VR games and tech that are state of the art. They have various games across different genres, such as action, adventure, sports, etc., that give a user a fully immersive experience. These arenas often charge a time-based fee, and you can easily experience great quality VR gaming at these arenas

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