The Popularity Of Fantasy Sports And Other Forms Of Gambling For Real Money Is Rising In India


The Popularity Of Fantasy Sports And Other Forms Of Gambling For Real Money Is Rising In India

There have been a lot of shifts in the Indian esports scene in the past year, from the banning of PUBG Mobile to the launch of VALORANT. Nonetheless,

Fantasy Sports And Gambling For Real Money Are Becoming More Popular In India
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There have been a lot of shifts in the Indian esports scene in the past year, from the banning of PUBG Mobile to the launch of VALORANT. Nonetheless, the growth of betting and fantasy platforms in the region has been largely overlooked.

Companies like Mobile Premier League (MPL), World777, Dream11, and WinZO have heavily invested in fantasy sports and real-money gaming despite the fact that the lines between esports, Online Cricket Betting, and fantasy sports can be blurry. At times, these services have even dabbled in “mainstream esports,” as the term is known in the business.

Series C funding for MPL was $90 million (£65 million) in 2020, while Series B funding for World777 was $18 million (£13 million). Paytm, an Indian online payment platform worth about $10 billion (£7.3 billion), is also behind Paytm First Games. Casual and hyper-casual games predominate on these platforms.

Fantasy sports are GoodGamer’s intended outcome

The platform’s goal is to promote healthy competition among gamers through multiplayer games. In India, portals like MPL already stock casual and hyper-casual games. GoodGamer plans to incorporate both fun and serious games. Games like VALORANT and Free Fire allow us to track metrics in real time, such as score and kills, as described by Barbosa. In 2021, GoodGamer is expected to provide a selection of essential esports games and tournaments.

The platform is also planning to collaborate with sponsors and event organizers to host tournaments. It has formed a partnership with Sky Sports, a tournament organizer based in Chennai, India, in order to reach local esports fans in the country.

Consequences of Banning PUBG Mobile

The threat of governmental interference is a serious one for businesses that provide

Cricket Betting

and real-money gaming platforms.

The statistics show that slightly more than half of the Indian population has access to smartphones and the internet. He predicted that as technology became more accessible in the following years, a much larger population would begin using the internet.

The term “esports” is often used as a catch-all phrase and has many different connotations in a developing market like India. There is a growing need for well-funded gaming platforms to support the expansion of the real-money gaming market. Many of them use heavy-handed conversion methods despite having substantial marketing expenditures. Given the similarities between their industry and that of online gambling, new rules and restrictions may be implemented as a result of the potentially high volume of users these platforms can support.

The gaming market in India is being transformed by fantasy sports

The Indian gambling industry is on the cusp of major change. Developers now have a plethora of opportunities in the Indian gaming market to design games specifically for Indian users. The notable cricket league IPL has had a number of different sponsors over the years, from the real estate company DLF in 2008 to the mobile phone company Vivo from 2016 to 2019. The paradigm shift is represented by the recent exit of Vivo and the introduction of Dream11, a fantasy sports platform.

Speculative sports as a consumer market –

From 20 lakh in June 2016 to an unbelievable 90 million in December 2019, the fantasy sports website’s user base has risen exponentially. It’s projected to hit 100 million by the year 2020’s conclusion. The suppliers of fantasy sports online saw a rise in their total revenue of Rs 1,480 crore. This represents a meteoric rise of 161 percent in just one financial year. By 2024’s conclusion, the market is expected to have reached a new height of $3.7 billion. There is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32% in this market sector right now.

Gambling on Indian Reservations —

India has 1/10th of the world’s gaming population and the world’s second-largest smartphone userbase! Consumer demand for mobile content soared after the cost of data dropped to a quarter of its previous level. By 2021, yearly revenue from mobile gaming is expected to exceed $1 billion, making India’s mobile game business the world’s fastest-growing in terms of revenue.

There are about 222 million gamers in India. They play mobile games for an average of 42 minutes per day! In India, the number of game production companies has exploded. They have increased by 11 times in the last decade, and are expected to reach 275 by 2020.