The Perfect Mix  of Hill Stations and Golf Destinations


The Perfect Mix of Hill Stations and Golf Destinations

It's hiking time throughout the region, and the grass can be cut wide from the eyes go. That's right spring is here, and will be here for a while at B

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It’s hiking time throughout the region, and the grass can be cut wide from the eyes go. That’s right spring is here, and will be here for a while at Best hill stations–which can also mean that it’s 6 a.m. the time to tee off at the brand new Dewey Course and the wrath of your new driver (why is it that it works perfectly with Tiger and it doesn’t work for you?)

Top 5 golfing places in Europe

If you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, here’s a list of the top five destinations and golf courses to enjoy an unforgettable golf trip in Europe. These destinations are excellent because they offer one of the most beautiful golfing courses across Europe and all over the world but also provide various levels of difficulty and styles (traditional courses or modern) and beautiful landscapes. It is important to assess – particularly after a tough and long game.

In addition, these destinations are the most prestigious of these destinations with regards to exploring, culture, activities such as entertainment, food, wine and much more. It is no question that these locations will give you an unforgettable golf experience!

1) Scotland and Ireland

The best golfing experience begins in Europe which is where the game started in Scotland is the most well-known place where golf is played. Scotland provides a wide range of golf courses on and around its coasts for novices, intermediates and pros. From traditional courses to modern-day courses, the glamour and spirit of golf is evident on the green. Make sure to visit St Andrews Links, a course that is where “the golf game has evolved and the spirit and history of golf has been preserved for more than six centuries.”

Ireland with its sprawling mountainous terrain, near its larger brother Scotland is now the most sought-after golf destination. There are championship golf courses and links courses but nothing compares to the stunning panoramas that can only be seen in the Emerald Isle. Explore the ruins of castles, ancient castles and beautiful Irish pubs and towns.

2.) Wales and England

It is no secret there is no doubt that Wales or England are two of the countries where you can play the best golf and have been doing since the beginning of time. Wales provides a charming country golf experience in beautiful B&Bs, cottages and homes for those who want to explore the countryside. To play two of the top course in Wales Try Royal Portcaval and Royal St. David’s and is frequently considered to be the top courses in Britain.

England provides a taste of golf suitable for kings, nobles, earls, and lords and is a fantastic experience for today’s golfers. Go to coasts like the Lancashire coastline or to The South East coast for the “golf experience” and don’t forget that London has a wealth of courses for those wanting to be closer in the heart of London.

3) Costa del Sol in Andalusia, Spain

Sometimes referred to as Costa del Golf or Golf Coast the area is very popular with Europeans seeking the perfect golf getaway. Often referred to by the name of Costa del Sol in southern Spain, Andalusia has the most number of top golf courses worldwide and gives the most value for your money.

With more than 60 golf courses spread across an area of a tiny size located on the Mediterranean coast with stunning landscapes and plenty of things to do that are fun, it’s no wonder that Europeans are flocking to the area for a long time. In Andalucia you can take part in dance, bullfights, lavish Spanish wines and numerous tapas bars and restaurants.

4.) Alsace, Bordeaux and Provence regions of France

Within Alsace, Bordeaux and Provence in France there are three of the top wine regions around the globe featuring some of the most prestigious and most premium wines of the past hundreds of years. These are the most popular locations for wine lovers however, they are also perfect for those who want to enjoy the finest of Europe including wine, golf, and the finest French food. Enjoy world-class dining, castles and chateaux set in the lush green French countryside and golf with the style of.

France is the home of more than 500 golf courses. This is the largest in any European country. Twelve of them are often included in Europe’s top 50 courses. Go to Bordeaux and Biarritz for the most prestigious French golf courses on the sea and villages, as well as luxurious old-fashioned 5-star resorts, beaches, and hotels. Cannes as well as Monte Carlo are also a train ride away. In Alsace you can try Golf Club Le Kemferhof, the second-highest ranking in France and has accommodations in a renovated 18th-century mansion.

5.) Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Russia, Poland and Slovakia

In the midst of war, where the Eastern European countries were dominated by the Iron Curtain, these former Eastern Bloc regions gradually regained their vibrancy and colour amid the transition to independence and the declaration of independence. The grass began to increase along with the course. These areas, referred to as “iron golf courses” are a brand new form of golf which is striving to become more close to its former neighbors like romantic destinations located in Thailand.