The Initial Game Offering: Commonly Used Crypto IGO Launchpad

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The Initial Game Offering: Commonly Used Crypto IGO Launchpad

More financing is often forced to continue development once a blockchain game has launched. Developers can employ initial gaming offerings, typically

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More financing is often forced to continue development once a blockchain game has launched. Developers can employ initial gaming offerings, typically on specialized platforms, and allow potential players to “invest” in the game in consideration of a tiny share. The procedure presents an investment potential along with advantages for the game producers. So what exactly is an IGO Launchpad, and how does it work?

Exactly what is a first game offering?

The use of an initial game offering can be used to raise funds for blockchain games (IGO). Giving players early access to games allows game producers to raise additional funds for their businesses. Project participants usually obtain access to in-game items necessary to play the game in addition to early access.

What is an IGO Launchpad?

A launch system is a website that allows investors and projects looking for funding to communicate with one another. The only projects normally qualified for an IGO launchpad are those in the early stages of developing blockchain gaming. While some launchpads are exclusively devoted to gaming, others may mix games with other initiatives.

What Happens During an Initial Game Offering

An IGO is used to pay for blockchain games. It is similar to an initial coin offering (ICO), with the primary difference being that an ICO is used to raise capital for cryptocurrencies because an IGO focuses on games. These two techniques help investors acquire a foothold in blockchain games when they first launch.

By supporting games while they’re still developing, IGO members get first access to in-game items like surprise boxes, weapons, characters, etc. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), frequently needed to play the game, are these resources.

You can get a game for the lowest possible cost by making an initial investment. Even said, there is no guarantee that the project will flourish or even reach its full public launch. Thus creating an early investment carries significant risks.

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5 Frequently Used Launchpads for Crypto Gaming

Below is a listing of the five best IGO sites for early blockchain gaming ventures.

NFT Binance

Using Binance NFT, you may purchase in-game products and NFTs from various video game projects. The platform’s cutting-edge subscription model gives all users an equal opportunity to participate in IGOs. The system also uses transparent and open algorithmic selection to ensure equity for all users.

To use Binance NFT, you must sign into your account and choose the Binance NFT page. Next, choose an IGO symbol for the IGO you wish to participate in on the Binance NFT homepage. The standard four steps in the participation process are preparation, subscription, computation, and dissemination.


The comprehensive Gamestarter ecosystem creates a new benchmark for funding creative video games with its IGO launching pad and NFT-based market. Gamestarter also works hard to produce top-notch blockchain games.

The Ethereum-based GAME coin powers the Gamestarter platform. You can buy an NFT and other things across the venue if you have a GAME token. Additionally, the platform offers 300k USDT in security for each IGO, which covers a failed IGO launch or team misconduct.


The metaverse and Enjin ecosystem are being developed through the Enjinstarter gaming launchpad. It enables creators to start crowdfunding campaigns and build blockchain communities. The tool also assists initiatives in creating long-term plans and launching successful campaigns.

Along with these projects, Enjinstarter also developed the Pixelverse, an NFT metaverse for games, Project Defina, a blockchain game system where users may play to earn money, and Gaia Everworld. In this fantasy game, players can explore the world and build kingdoms.


At GameFi, all blockchain games and metaverse projects are centralized. It is used to build online communities and run virtual economies for the general public. Its solutions cover every phase of a game project’s lifetime.

The platform offers four ranking levels: Legend, Pro, Elite, and Rookie, depending on how much $GAFI you risk. The volume of tokens allocated to each IGO pool is considered before making individual allocations. GameFI players need to have completed KYC and obtained at least the Rookie status before they may join the IGO pools. Complying with this rule is unnecessary if you operate with community pools.


In addition to fundraising, Speedify assists blockchain game companies with community building, marketing, and funding. You could, for example, fund a gaming project using the Speedify community currency, SFUND. As more money is deposited into the pool, it gets heavier. The incentive scheme is divided into nine tiers, with the lowest tier employing a lottery technique to distribute tokens and the later levels guaranteeing a portion.

You can buy SFUND on exchanges, including Pancakeswap and Kucoin. To participate in its IGO, you must use the same wallet you used for your KYC. It would help if you first transferred your tokens to other wallets, like Metamask or Trustwallet, to participate in launchpad events on a centralized exchange.

Guidelines for Taking Part in an IGO Launchpad

IGO launchpad participation doesn’t include any difficult steps. The specific processes do, however, vary for different IGO launchpads.

An IGO should be thoroughly investigated before joining. There are a ton of bogus IGOs out there that are out huge take your hard-earned money, and cryptocurrency frauds are pervasive throughout the entire crypto ecosystem. The video game project’s website and social media outlets should have a clear igo launchpad development roadmap. Identifying dependable partners or investors for a project may also be advantageous.

Participating in an IGO requires choosing an IGO to invest in, linking your wallet, buying the game or platform token, and then staking the necessary amount. Your payout and the pool you join often depend on how much you bet.

Always maintain sight of the fact that no purchase can ensure a profit.

Getting involved in the project immediately is the major reason an investor buys an IGO. Even though the procedure has a lot of risks, first, investors may profit from the project if it is successful. However, if things go differently than planned, there’s a big chance you’ll lose your money.

We recognize the risks associated with investing in an IGO, so we suggest you carefully choose your project, determine how much trouble you can tolerate, and speak with a reputable financial counselor before deciding.