The importance of the fitted sheet

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The importance of the fitted sheet

You have informed yourself, researched, and compared the different proposals, materials and techniques. Finally, you have this ecological mattress, an

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You have informed yourself, researched, and compared the different proposals, materials and techniques. Finally, you have this ecological mattress, and you are already dreaming of your restful nights, of your back without pain when you wake up. And now, how to choose the fitted sheet that will cover this mattress comfortably?

More complex because you will quickly be lost in the fitted sheets’ different dimensions, shapes and materials.

What preferred material for a quality fitted sheet

We advise you to choose a fitted sheet made of natural material and to be wary of synthetic (polyester) or mixed (polycotton) fabrics. For their great absorption powers, cotton bedsheets protect your mattress from wear and tear and prevent night sweats.

The virtues of organic cotton for a fitted sheet

You can choose between cotton fibres from industrial cultivation (chemical fertilizers, pesticides) or cotton fibres from organic farming. This culture does not use toxic products, replaces them with natural inputs and bio-diversity, and is respectful of the worker and the land. The fabric woven (*) with these natural fibres is more flexible, more resistant and absorbent than conventional cotton fabric, qualities sought for a comfortable and hypoallergenic fitted sheet.

Different types of canvas at your disposal:

  1. Cotton canvas: with thread densities between 43 and 57 per cm2
  2. Cotton percale canvas: 80 threads per cm2
  3. Cotton sateen 120 threads per cm2

Plus de Coton, a specialist in fitted sheets and bed linen in organic cotton, offers you fitted sheets in organic cotton canvas in two qualities: a high-quality percale and a soft and resistant 57-thread-count canvas.


Linen is a very natural vegetable fibre (no need for water or fertilizer for it to grow) and is grown in our regions (Picardie Pas de Calais); very suitable for fitted sheets: comfortable, hypoallergenic, insulating, thermal regulator warm in winter and cool in summer.

A fitted sheet adapted to your mattress and without worries

To have a fitted sheet that adapts well to your mattress, which will avoid the unpleasant surprise of finding your fitted sheet halfway up the mattress in the morning, you must check its 3 dimensions:

  • The width of the mattress
  • The length of the mattress
  • The thickness of the mattress (depth of the cups)

The fitted sheet’s length and width correspond to the mattress’s dimensions.

The dimensions of the most used mattresses in the UK

Single bed

Width 90cm length 190cm

Double bed

  • Standard dimension: width 140 cm, length 190 cm or 200 cm
  • Dimension at ease: width 160 cm length: 200 cm
  • Dimension very comfortable: width 180 cm length 200 cm

The thickness of the mattresses depends on the type of mattress chosen and the presence or absence of a mattress topper, which is very important to consider. Plus, de Coton specialist fitted sheets offer you fitted sheets with a cup depth of 30 cm and 35 cm, which will adapt to a wide choice of quality mattresses. Our organic fabrics do not move when washed. Thanks to the manufacturer and the quality of the elastics of the cups, the Plus de Coton fitted sheets will be essential for the quality of your nights.

What colours should you choose for your fitted sheet?

You are coordinated with a duvet cover, pillowcases or sheets: by colour and print. On the contrary, choose it in different colours and prints, everything can be done in your bed. It’s up to you to make the associations according to your tastes.

Do you know that the colours of your bed linen influence the quality of your sleep?

In conclusion: Plus de Coton’s advice for healthy and ecological bedding

The mattress is made of natural materials: latex, sheep’s wool, organic cotton, horsehair, and coconut fibre…

Natural pillows: goose or duck down, natural filling in an organic cotton envelope: organic cotton, natural latex, wool, and lesser-known materials such as spelt, millet or buckwheat husks, particularly appreciated by people with neck pain.

Natural duvet: for the goose or duck down filling, wool, silk for lightness and organic cotton cover

Bed linen in organic cotton or natural linen. Choosing quality bed linen is as essential for the quality of your sleep and your rest as choosing your bedding.