The excitement of waiting for the lottery winner is fun!


The excitement of waiting for the lottery winner is fun!

KBC (vertical link) is first purchased in units of 100, and the number's first four digits are the same for each set. And it is a way to buy that the

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KBC (vertical link) is first purchased in units of 100, and the number’s first four digits are the same for each set. And it is a way to buy that the last two digits, 00 to 99, are aligned. Since there are ten types of serial numbers, you can expect to win the first prize, the front and back bonuses, and the bottom two digits.

As with the unique rose, one 6th prize for 3,000 INR and ten 7th prizes for 300 INR are confirmed, for a total of 6,000 INR, so you can enjoy the joy of winning.

These purchase methods and names are standard throughout the country so you can purchase them at public lottery counters or official websites. However, there are rare sales floors that do not have vertical or special roses, so it may be a good idea to check the sales floor.

Probability of winning UP! ? Tips for buying lottery tickets

People who have won big prizes in the lottery decide the ratio of consecutive numbers and roses and choose the lucky day when they buy it. Increase your odds of winning by learning how to buy from the big winners. Here are some tips on how to buy lottery tickets.

Tips on buying ① Determine the serial numbers and roses ratio before purchasing.

Some of the high-priced winners are particular about the “serial numbers” and “roses” ratio. As mentioned earlier, with serial numbers, you can aim for the first and second prizes.

Each has its merits, so it may be a good idea to decide which one to buy or in what proportion.

Tips on how to buy ② Buy on an auspicious day

It is also recommended to purchase lottery tickets on these auspicious days. Three times in 2023, there will be days when holy days overlap with days when one grain is ten thousand times larger.

At the end of this article, we have introduced the “best lucky day in 2023,” calculated from the moon’s phases and Western astrology, so be sure to check it out!

What is your financial fortune in 2023?

Check the customs and ingredients for improving your capital by zodiac sign.

ust a few more to leave for 2022 years. Many people may be wondering about the fortune of 2023. At KBC! Plus, we asked the famous fortune teller JIO , to tell us about the financial means of each zodiac sign in 2023, as well as the habits and ingredients that increase economic fortunes. Finally, we will also tell you about the most critical suitable luck date for 2023, common to all zodiac signs, so if you are planning a big purchase or thinking about buying a lottery ticket, please check the dates at the end of the article!

There are six other types of lotteries! Explain the features

The person writing on lottery paper

In addition to regular lotteries, there are many other types of lotteries, such as “Scratch,” “Lotto,” “Numbers,” “Bingo 5”, “JIO Official,” and “Quick One.” Here, we will explain each item and how to purchase them.

“Scratch” where you can see the results on the spot

How to remove scratches

“Scratch” is a lottery ticket you can scratch on the spot and know the Winning. Each lottery is 200 INR, and the winning amount ranges from 200 INR to hundreds of millions of INR. It can only be purchased at lottery counters.

It is also characterized by various variations, such as those using popular anime characters. You can know the winnings just by scratching, so it is recommended for lottery beginners and those who want to see the results immediately.

“Lotto” to choose the numbers yourself

How to choose the necessary numbers for the lottery

“Lotto” is a lottery where you choose your favorite numbers. You can purchase one for 200-300 INR. There are three types of lotto: “Lotto 7”, “Lotto 6”, and “Mini Lotto.” The characteristics, winning amount, and winning date are as follows.

kinds feature Winning amount Lottery date

lotto 7 Choose seven different numbers from 1 to 37 1,000 INR to several hundred million INR Friday

lotto 6 Choose six other numbers from 1 to 43 1,000 INR to several hundred million INR Monday/Thursday

mini lotto Choose five other numbers from 1 to 31, 1,000 INR to about 10 million INR Tuesday

“Lotto 7” and “Lotto 6” also have a chance to win higher prizes, such as “carry over,” which carries over the total winnings, etc., to the next time if there is no winner.

“Numbers” with three ways to buy

the person filling in numbers on lottery paper

“Numbers” is a 200-INR lottery where you can choose your favorite numbers. There are two types: Numbers 4, which selects 4-digit numbers, and Numbers 3, which sets 3-digit numbers. Choose your favorite KBC Jio lottery Whatsapp Number 2023 and style from the following “application type.”

There are four application types:

  • Application type Winning conditions
  • straight Win if each number and the order of the row match
  • box If the numbers match, you win regardless of the order
  • set Apply for “straight” and “box” half and half, and if either one matches, you win
  • mini If the last two digits match, you win *Numbers 3 only
  • The winning amounts and lottery dates for Numbers 4 and 3 are as follows.
  • straight winning amount Lottery date
  • Numbers 4 About 1 million INR Monday-Friday
  • Digits 3 About 100,000 INR
  • “Bingo 5” that you can enjoy like a bingo game

Multiple bingo cards

“Bingo 5” is a lottery where you choose numbers like bingo. Each ticket is 200 INR, and the winning amount is about 5,550,000 INR for eight lines of 1st class, 2,500 INR for three lines, and 200 INR for 1 line. The lottery will be held every Wednesday except for the year-end and New Year holidays.

“JIO Official” combines your favorite patterns.

“JIO Official” is an online lottery where you can choose four designs from 5 different types of Jio lottery winner 2023 other fruits. One ticket is 100 INR, 1st prize is 10,500 INR, 2nd prize is 500 INR, and 3rd prize is 100 INR. The lottery will be held every Monday to Friday except for the year-end and New Year holidays.

“Quick One” to challenge the game

“Quick One” is an online-only lottery that aims to win by challenging the game. The game to challenge is different for each issue, and you can choose the game you want to inquire from among the target games.

If you want to know more about each lottery winning amount, check out this article.

Lottery buying guide! Introducing the release schedule for each type and the auspicious “good luck day.”

Some lottery tickets are available year-round, while others are sold for a limited time. Lottery tickets sold for a limited time, such as Summer Jumbo and Year-end Jumbo, have a large winning amount, so if you are interested, check the sales period. We will also introduce the release schedule of lottery tickets, the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing on the official lottery website, and how to buy the “lottery millionaire.”

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