The Easiest Way to Style Sequins :- Fabriclore


The Easiest Way to Style Sequins :- Fabriclore

Despite the fact that sequins are only worn at night, exceptional fashion nearly never follows tradition. (In the great majority of cases, it does not

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Despite the fact that sequins are only worn at night, exceptional fashion nearly never follows tradition. (In the great majority of cases, it does not!) Making sequined fabric a regular part of your attire is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd while still looking wonderful.

Depending on the wearer’s taste and preferences, sequins may be put on anything from a magnificent top to an elegant skirt or even exquisite slacks. So, how are you going to conceal your stunning style? Below are examples of daytime sequin designs that have lately captured our eye and that we enjoy.


Monochromatic patterns are the way to go if you want to attract attention to yourself while yet retaining a low-key look. A sophisticated green color palette is enhanced by the addition of sparkling sequin pants as the finishing touch. After you’ve perfected the essentials of your style, all that remains is to add the finishing touches with accessories.

If you need to carry more than your essentials, a tote is a better option than a clutch or crossbody bag, which are both great for wearing out in the evening. Don’t be hesitant to try on a range of different sorts until you find one you like. A monochrome suit may be whatever color you choose and even a different shape.

Everyday Foundation Pieces that are Elegant

Everyday Foundation Pieces that are Elegant

Sequins are a terrific way to add sensual, feminine charm to any dress, especially one that is black and has a loose fit. You may get a stunning look by starting with black and white and then adding sequins in a range of rich colors.

It should be developed further! For example, if you want to add a little edge to your look without sacrificing sophistication, a trendy moto jacket might be a great way to do it. You will look fantastic in this simple outfit, which you should wear the next time you have a day in the city since it will not only save you time but will also make you look fantastic.

Cozy Pieces

Is it okay to include some warm and fuzzy elements? Polar opposites are thought to attract one another. For this reason, we like the look of combining casual clothing with glittering sequins. Experiment with this one-of-a-kind and attractive appearance as much as you like; it will serve you well in the frigid weather.

If you want to create a welcoming environment, start with a cozy sweater in a neutral color. Then, keep the casual elegance going by adding a scarf or knit hat to your look. Then, finish the look with a pair of glitzy bottoms, such as a sequin skirt or sequin pants.

Polished Staples

Bring forth its inherent radiance. Daytime sequin essentials may rapidly transform your outfit into a red carpet look, which is excellent for the holidays but may seem a little too much at other times of the year. A traditional blazer paired with a sequined dress is a simple yet elegant way to dress up. Stylish loafers and a stunning purse will be the ideal finishing touches for your look. Casual dressing has been redefined in a manner that is unexpectedly confident, sophisticated, and fashionable.

Masculine vibe

Most people wouldn’t expect to combine a macho appearance with sparkling attire, but I think it works really well together. A stylish outerwear piece, such as a light coat or jacket, acts as the foundation for any male-appropriate attire. Then, complete the style with a sequin blouse and some sleek and modern trousers. If you want to attempt something new, you may combine these two seemingly incompatible categories. You may then take advantage of all that each has to offer.

When in doubt about what to wear, reach for some denim.

Denim garments with sequins embroidered on them are unrivaled in terms of ease of wear. Begin with a wonderful pair of jeans since denim is a timeless fabric that is also easy to dress in. It’s one of our current favorites because it combines the durability and versatility of denim with the sparkle and splendor of sequins textiles. This is a terrific option for folks who merely want to change the casual clothing they wear every day while remaining comfortable.

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