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Property issues

One of the major legal issues in Pakistan is that of property. A person saves money all his life to buy a property, but unfortunately, all his money is wasted when there is a legal problem related to that property in Pakistan, so it is highly recommended to contact a real estate lawyer before selling or buying a property because the real estate lawyer in Pakistan will save you from all kinds of frauds related to real estate.

Lawyer Saeed Zafar Voiceofjustice is the Best Lawyer for Property Disputes you can turn to for all property-related legal issues including property fraud, disposition or transfer of property in Lahore Pakistan. Lawyer Saeed Zafar Voiceofjustice is the best real estate lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. When real estate fraud occurs, the injured party has two remedies.

One is civil and the other is criminal. Usually, when real estate fraud occurs in Pakistan, the injured party files a complaint, and if bail is granted, the injured party thinks it is over, but it is not. Bail is temporary permission for the defendant so that he or she does not end up behind bars until the trial is over. The plaintiff is asked to challenge the entire sentence and at the same time file a civil suit to recover the amount.

In court, the defendant will receive punishment for what he or she has done, and if recovery is made, the injured party will receive the amount handed over to the defendant. Anyone can contact Voiceofjustice Law Associates for a real estate lawyer in Lahore and avail the services of lawyer Saeed Zafar Voiceofjustice, who is the best real estate lawyer in Lahore, Pakistan.

If a party needs a stay or injunction order, temporary or permanent, you can also turn to our real estate lawyer in Lahore, Saeed Zafar Voiceofjustice, who is one of the best real estate lawyers in Lahore Pakistan, so if you are looking for a real estate lawyer in Pakistan, you can turn to our real estate lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, as each of our real estate lawyers are the best in town.

The wife’s dowry items and personal effects are also property, so you can turn to our law firm for the recovery of dowry items in Lahore Pakistan. Pakistani marriage laws are very clear and guarantee the return of dowry according to Pakistani marriage laws.

Voiceofjustice Law Associates can also be contacted in case you want to gift / transfer/rent/sell/exchange/pledge or transfer the property in any other way. Our real estate lawyer in Pakistan handles all matters related to real estate. Our estate lawyer in Pakistan will help you in all matters related to property.

The legal heir cannot sell the property of a deceased person unless it has been transferred to the legal heirs. When a person dies leaving behind property, the first step for legal heirs is to file a claim in a civil court. The civil court will declare who the legal heirs of the estate are and also declare their shares.

Once the court order is received, the legal heirs can transfer the property into their name and sell it. Without a declaration from the court that they are the legal heirs of the deceased’s estate and without declaring their shares in the estate, the legal heirs cannot sell the property.

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