The 10 Best Cat Books In The World


The 10 Best Cat Books In The World

There is nothing better than a good book to keep you company on a cold winter evening. Whether you are looking for something to read before bedtime or

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There is nothing better than a good book to keep you company on a cold winter evening. Whether you are looking for something to read before bedtime or something fun to curl up with by the fire, here are the 10 best cat books in the world!
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The 10 Best Cat Books In The World cartoon cat

Looking for the best cat books in the world? Here are 10 of the best!

1. The Cat Book by Jean Craighead George and Jerry Pinkney
This classic is one of the most popular cat books ever written. It contains full-color photos and easy-to-read text that covers everything from caring for a new kitten to training your old cat.
2. How to Train Your Cat by Karen Pryor
This book was originally published in 1978, and it continues to be one of the most recommended guides for training cats. It covers both traditional obedience training methods as well as more modern approaches, such as positive reinforcement.
3. The Feline Personality: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Your Cat by Barbara Loe Fisher
This book is written by an expert on feline behavior and psychology. It contains detailed information on how to read your cat’s body language, understand his habits, and provide him with the companionship he needs.
4. Kitten Care: A Guide For New Moms by Lisa Mason Ziegler
Written specifically for new mothers, this book provides step-by-step instructions on everything from bonding with your kitten to feeding him properly. It also includes information on proper care for newborns, including tips on colic remedies.
5. 101 Things You Must Know About Cats by Tidy Cats Publications
If you’re interested in learning more about cats than just their basic care needs, this book is perfect for you!

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Why Reading Is Important

Reading is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and it’s important to keep your feline friend entertained as well. Not only will reading give your cat hours of enjoyment, but it can also help teach them some important life skills. Here are five of the best cat books in the world:

1. The 5 Cat Breeds You Should Know by Toni Price

This book is a comprehensive guide to all five main cat breeds, from the Siamese to the British Shorthair. It covers everything from their history and temperament to their care and feeding requirements. If you’re looking to get to know your cat a little better, this is the book for you.

2. 101 Things To Do With Your Cat by Leslie McFarlane

If you have a kitty who loves to play, 101 Things To Do With Your Cat is the perfect book for them. It contains Activities such as ‘catch the mouse’, ‘hunt for hidden treats’ and ‘bat around a bouncy ball’ – sure to keep your cat entertained for hours on end.

3. How To Speak Kitten by Louise Pentland and Judith Martin

For cats who love learning new tricks, How To Speak Kitten is a must-read. This book teaches kittens basic communication skills, such as saying ‘mew’, ‘meow’ and ‘yaaaawn’. If you

Tips For Beginners cartoon cat

If you’ve always wanted a cat, but were afraid of the responsibility, now might be the time to reconsider. Cats are playful and affectionate creatures that require minimal care. Here are some tips for beginners who want to adopt a cat:

-Visit local animal shelters or rescue organizations to meet available cats. These animals often have been through a process of socialization and may be more adaptable to new homes.

-Make sure your home is comfortable for a cat. Place furniture away from walls and windows so the kitty can climb and explore. Provide scratching posts and toys for them to play with.

-Feed your new pet small meals several times per day rather than one large meal. This will help prevent obesity in cats and promote better dental hygiene.

If you’ve ever been around a grouchy puppy dog, you know just how frustrating it can be. Whether the dog is sick or just feeling grumpy, understanding why he’s acting this way can help you deal with him effectively.


As a cat lover, it’s hard to not find at least one book about cats on your shelf. And with so many good ones out there, which is the best of the best? In this article, we’ve compiled 10 of the best cat books in the world. From classics like The Catcher in the Rye to newer releases that discuss feline health and behavior, these books will have you reading until your eyes start to hurt (or your kitty does!). So whether you’re a new or longtime cat lover, be sure to check these titles out!