Sustainable Materials in Serum packaging Boxes: A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment


Sustainable Materials in Serum packaging Boxes: A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment

Serum products are many in the market as the product is one that many people prefer using. This may be due to the benefits that the serums claim to ha

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Serum products are many in the market as the product is one that many people prefer using. This may be due to the benefits that the serums claim to have. The packaging of serum is important and nowadays it is a necessity to opt for sustainable materials when making serum boxes. Sustainability is something that continues to be important for manufacturers as well as consumers.

Life Cycle Assessment on LCA lets manufacturers assess the environmental impact that a product has. This is an important feature when wanting to make certain that the packaging of a product is all-round sustainable. It evaluates all stages of the product’s life. This is from raw material extraction going to disposal or recycling procedure.

What is life cycle assessment for serum packaging?

The life cycle assessment of custom serum boxes will observe the full product lifecycle. Looking at it generally, the “cradle to grave” product lifecycle encompasses five phases. This includes the extraction of the raw material, manufacturing plus processing, transporting, usage as well as retail, and disposal of waste. –

For example if you choose cardboard material to make the boxes for the serum, you may be using recyclable material to make the box. In this way you will not be wasting natural resources. The manufacturing and processing procedure will be one that does not produce much waste. The box will also be made to be the perfect size reducing the need for extra packaging material. The transportation will be such that the maximum number of boxes possible will be delivered so that less fuel is used. The boxes should be used in a way that they do not pollute the environment. When disposing the cardboard box that had the serum, customers may reuse it or take it to a recycling facility.

There are other concepts when looking at a product’s lifecycle, like “cradle-to-cradle” that tries to “close the loop” via recycling or reusing. It is usually employed within the circular economy.

Detailed look at life cycle assessment

If you want your serum packaging to be sustainable, you will need to look at the complete lifecycle of the packaging so that you can know whether it really is environmentally-friendly. You can look at this by keeping in mind the different stages that the box will pass through. The following aims to explain this further:

Extraction of raw materials

When making packaging for any product, you will need to get the raw materials to make the box from. It is important that you choose something that is recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable if you want the box to not harm the environment.

When making sustainable serum packaging boxes, you can choose packaging materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. These materials are such that they do not deplete natural resources that take many years to form.

It is possible to make Kraft paper with 100% recycled Kraft paper. But it needs to be made using wood to start off with. The wood is able to be reclaimed therefore Kraft paper may be recycled. As said above, cardboard can be made with recycled material. These materials to make boxes from will probably be sustainable.

Manufacturing and processing

The manufacturing and processing stage of making the serum boxes should not result in causing pollution. Sustainable manufacturing will make the boxes via economically-sound processes which will limit the negative environmental impacts whilst conserving energy as well as natural resources.

If you choose the above packaging materials you can manufacture them sustainably. The boxes must be the perfect size as well so that you do not waste packaging material.


When transporting custom serum boxes, you will have to make sure that you conserve fuel. The client can be encouraged to buy in wholesale so that a number of boxes are delivered at one time. If the packaging is foldable, it will be possible to deliver many boxes.

Usage and retail

Serum packaging should be used carefully so that the box does not end up in a landfill. For example you can advise the customer how they can use it without polluting the Earth further. The printing methods you choose must not let you get a box that will not be recyclable,

Disposal of waste

When disposing of serum packaging boxes, the box should be removed without negatively impacting the environment.

For example Kraft paper tends to be naturally biodegradable. The paper will break down into cellulose fibers in a natural way in only a few weeks. It may be totally absorbed by the environment and that without harming the Earth and human health.

When creating serum boxes, you need to choose the packaging material carefully if you want it to be strong and sustainable. You can look at its life cycle assessment to analyze this and get packaging materials which will be environmentally-friendly.