Sun. Jun 26th, 2022
Strength of Dental Implant

Dental implants are a suitable option for replacing your missing or lost teeth. These properly-placed implants look similar to your natural teeth and promote strong bone structure. They enable you to restore bite strength in comparison to original teeth. When you have lost all the teeth and need to wear dentures, you can opt for All-on-4 implant-supported bridges and dentures. This is an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of implants with less invasive treatment. You will be able to restore your gorgeous smile and boost confidence level.

The dental implants procedure will give good-looking replacement teeth so that you can eat and enjoy your favourite foods. Your beautiful smile will boost your confidence and overall quality of life. You need to wear dentures that slip and make you feel uncomfortable at the time of biting and chewing crunchy foods.  

Benefits of choosing dental implants

Teeth replacement is essential because it is not possible for your natural tooth to repair or save them. Dental implant mimic natural tooth virtually and no one can tell you have had a replacement. The implant screw will take the place of tooth root and then fuse together with the jawbone at the time of healing.

It means you can preserve underlying bone that would be lost when the socket was open. The facial structure will be preserved as the bone remains strong in its actual shape and size. A tooth crown will be matched precisely to natural tooth and adjacent teeth which becomes permanent part of smile.

When you use dental bonding or bridges, there will be some danger of damage or break down of adjacent teeth. It takes place due to the force of biting and chewing that can shift adjacent teeth. On the other hand, a well-placed implant can absorb the impact of biting and chewing in the same way like natural tooth. So, all your bones and teeth will be supported in the long run. Since dental and periodontal problems may affect groups of teeth, it is important to keep them healthy for your improved dental health.

Firm bite is necessary to improve quality of life

The bite strength of dental implant is usually 80- to 90-percent strength of your natural tooth. When you need to wear bridges or dentures for a certain time due to weak or diseased teeth, you should know the importance of your firm bite.

It will be quite embarrassing on your part to refuse these foods as you won’t be able to eat them. Make sure you put more emphasis in eating fresh vegetables, grains and whole foods that can improve your overall diet plan.

Implants are meant to last for a long time than other dental restorative methods. Bonding usually last for one or two years and dentures usually have a life expectancy of nearly five years. But implants have initial success rate of 98 percent and a 95 percent success rate after ten years. Home care is simple as you need to brush and floss in the same way just like your natural teeth. They are a permanent replacement option that every patient considers to be a wise decision.

Thus, you can visit at to book a consultation and know more about dental implants treatment. Your artificial teeth appear like natural teeth and you can smile with confidence once again.

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