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Squid Game Green Tracksuit For Men

One of the famous Korean Netflix series is SQUID GAME. This series won millions of people's hearts with its spectacular storyline and acting. The squi

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One of the famous Korean Netflix series is SQUID GAME. This series won millions of people’s hearts with its spectacular storyline and acting. The squid game series was released in 2021 and became a blockbuster series. Hundreds of cheapskates or covetous are selected to play the squid game in this series. To win a handsome amount of money or prizes but at the stake of their life.

The squid game green tracksuit for men is the player’s uniform in this Netflix series. The famous Korean stars are part of this thriller series and perform their best, and as a result of hard work, they got the biggest achievement of their series.

What is a squid game Netflix series?

Squid Game is a thriller television series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series actors Lee Jung Jae, Kim Joo young, and Park Hae Soo. The show centers around 456 players who have all come together to play their childhood games, but with some twists that make them more exciting for a price tag of 45.6 billion won ($38.5 million), but the game can cost you your life. The Squid Game was delivered to Netflix on September 17, 2021.

Where do you wear this squid game green tracksuit:

This iconic squid game green tracksuit for men is the goal to get this tracksuit after watching a thriller squid game. Like the name Squid game, the series is unpredictably full of blood. Like in this series, you can wear this tracksuit while playing sports and during a workout. It will look awesome; it’s a bet. And we want you to add this great tracksuit to your wardrobe. Asap!

Iconic features of Squid game green tracksuit:

The fabulous tracksuit has impressive features that make you insist on shopping for it. Check them out!


The coat is fabricated of chiefly obtained cotton polyester with a viscose lining on the inside. It helps you to feel comfortable in every situation.

Collar style:

The Squid Game Green Tracksuit also features an amazing stand-up collar, which enhances the style of the green jacket or tracksuit.

Zipper and sleeves:

Moreover, this squid game green tracksuit for men has interesting front zip fastening closure and ribbed cuffs to accompany the outfit’s full-length sleeves. 


The trousers of the green tracksuit are made of Fleece Fabric, have soft and comfy feels, and have round stitching, and lastly, most importantly, it has two slanted pockets as an addition.

Color combination:

The stunning tracksuit has a vibrant color combination. It is like a mixture of jade and bottle green with white straps on both sides of the tracksuit. 

Where to shop for a green tracksuit?

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How to order in pinesmax?

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The frequently asked questions are related to series, shops, and stuff. So go through it;

Why are squid games such a famous series?

The show connects with the audience in different ways. Viewers connected the show with their perspective, which may be one of the main reasons the series was a blockbuster.

Why buy a squid game tracksuit for men from pinesmax?

Pinesmax gives you the best quality product at the right time and wherever, whenever you want.