Premium Shrink Wrap Film | Shrink Wrap Supplier India


Premium Shrink Wrap Film | Shrink Wrap Supplier India

Shrink Wrapping Shrink films under the Orianaa Decorpack brand can be used to wrap a variety of product sizes, weights, and shapes, including large c

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Shrink Wrapping

Shrink films under the Orianaa Decorpack brand can be used to wrap a variety of product sizes, weights, and shapes, including large consumer goods as well as oddly shaped and small “pick and pack” packages. Our films perform better than much thicker competitor materials due to improved seal strength and longevity. Reduce the amount of raw materials and energy used in manufacturing while maintaining the safety of your products during storage and handling.

  • Product protection is provided during delivery and in-store handling by tensile strength and durability.
  • Reduced film weight results in significant raw material and production energy savings.
  • Longer rolls mean less roll handling and changeovers, more equipment uptime, and better labour utilisation.
  • Our shrink wrap films are RIC4-designated and are recycle-ready.

With the introduction of multi-layer shrink wrap, which offer a number of advantages over the former, the use of paper corrugation in the packaging sector is decreasing.
Orianaa offers the best solutions for both primary and secondary packaging, with cost and dependability as the two main selection criterion.

Orianaa is a reputable supplier in the flexible packaging industry, using Reifenhauser’s cutting-edge Evolution blown film line.

The multi-layer shrink films that can be produced at the prestigious Vadodara facility will offer customers a cost-effective and effective solution for their needs in flexible packaging.

PVC Shrink Wrap Film

When it comes time to package your goods, you want to pick a packaging film that will enhance the look and feel of the finished goods. The best PVC packaging films are supplied by Orianaa, a market-leading supplier of shrink wrap plastic. Your products will be packaged using Orianaa’s PVC shrink film to adhere to the strictest regulations.
Orianaa’s PVC shrink films are well-liked by manufacturers and are renowned for their smooth, flat surface, highly reflective look, and great clarity. It excels in low, mid, and high-speed applications and is exceedingly adaptable.

Suppliers of art and frame items, DVDs, and Blue-ray cases frequently employ this manufacturer favoured film. Due to its resistance to colour bleed and odour leakage, PVC shrink film is perfect for candle producers and suppliers, while it may be used to package any product.

PVC shrink film from Orianaa Decorpack must be shrunk at very low temperatures (works great with heat guns). This shrink film is perfect for users who operate both 110-volt (low end) shrink tunnels and sealers as well as 220-volt systems. It can withstand ambient heat while moving and storing. PVC shrink film is preferred by suppliers because it extends shelf life and is less likely to block from unintended exposure to heat or sunlight.

PVC films are perfect for factories that produce or prepare food. Its FDA compliance for indirect food contact makes it the top option for food vendors that need to shrink wrap fruit baskets.

Request a free sample from one of our packaging experts to test on your equipment. They will aid suppliers and manufacturers in deciding whether our PVC shrink wrapping will best meet your packaging requirements.

Also known as: single wound tubing, PVC, polyvinyl chloride, plastic shrink film, super shrink, supershrink, center-folded, centerfolded, and tubing.

Options include clear, tinted, or printed substrate formulations, centre folded, single wound, tubing, roll lengths, gauges, and micro-perforations.