Securely Convert Thunderbird to Outlook with All Attachments


Securely Convert Thunderbird to Outlook with All Attachments

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open-source email management tool that is available for a variety of platforms. It has a number of features that can be

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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open-source email management tool that is available for a variety of platforms. It has a number of features that can be expanded with extensions. As a result, Thunderbird is a popular choice among users, particularly home users. Thunderbird is simply insufficient for businesses and professionals. That is where Microsoft Outlook comes in. MS Outlook has emerged as the global leader among email clients, with security details and functions that outperform most other email clients. with easily convert Thunderbird to Outlook with all attachments.

Exporting Thunderbird Profile to Outlook is increasingly a common occurrence. However, if you’ve ever attempted it, you know how difficult it can be. Failure is far too likely in the absence of specialist solutions. You may wind up with missing data while wasting all of your time and effort using so-called free workaround solutions.


Common Problems When Converting Thunderbird to Outlook

  • Headers Have Gone Missing
  • The folder structure is missing.
  • There are no dates.
  • I messed up. File/Email Sequence
  • Images and links that are broken
  • Attachments are missing.

There is no purpose in spending so much time and effort on Thunderbird to Outlook conversion methods that compromise data integrity and produce insufficient results.

So, before you take any action, consider the following:

  • Thunderbird Email Migration Made Simple
  • Free Thunderbird Data Conversion

Let us begin with the safe technique.

Converting Thunderbird to Outlook – The Safe Route

Choose specialized software for this purpose. MBOX to Outlook Converter – A software that can convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 without exposing any data to danger factors. What do you get in exchange? Here are a few reasons why you should convert Thunderbird to Outlook:

  • There is no data loss, whether it be message text, embedded images, formatting, attachments, message status, or email headers such as an address, from, subject, date, and so on.
  • Original folder arrangement that requires no manual effort or input.
  • Either directly retrieve data from Thunderbird or scan the related Thunderbird MBOX file.
  • Converts to UNICODE PST, which is compatible with all Outlook versions, including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and older.

Steps to Convert MBOX file into Outlook PST

  • Start the Softaken MBOX to Outlook Converter software and select “Add file.”
  • Choose the MBOX file or let Thunderbird detect it.

Browse MBOX file

  • On the “Mail view” page, you may see a preview of all the emails.

preview option

  • To convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST, click the “Export” button.

export Mbox

Still, looking for a Free Method to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook? So, Here It Is.

This is by far the most successful free manual process for converting Thunderbird emails to Outlook that you will discover on the internet. All of the solutions requiring external programs will only cause you a headache with a long and demanding task. Even so, the conversion success rate is too low to be taken into account.

  • Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your local machine.
  • Now, open the mailbox folder (for example, Inbox) that includes all of the messages you want to migrate to Outlook.
  • Choose the emails according to your needs. This can be done one message at a time or in bulk with Ctrl+A.
  • Now, save the email messages by right-clicking and selecting Save as.
  • Then, choose the folder and convert the emails to EML format.
  • Once you have the EML files, launch the MS Outlook application to begin the Thunderbird to Outlook conversion process.
  • Create a new folder and name it suitably in the Outlook application.
  • Then, pick all of the EML files that you already converted from Thunderbird.
  • Drag and drag all of these emails into the newly established MS Outlook folder.
  • Wait for the files to transfer. The overall duration is determined by the number of messages to be transferred.
  • Finally, all emails will be transferred from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook.

Even though it is superior to previous workarounds, this free approach is far from perfect. Only the email message is defined as successful. It does not demonstrate the amount of time and effort expended by the users. This is simply one of the dangerous characteristics.

  • What about folder structure? Of course, everything will be messed up. It simply entails shifting the messages. There are no unique circumstances or anything that can guarantee structure maintenance.
  • Are you constrained by technicalities? In Outlook, drag-and-drop files are treated as attachments rather than emails. This is why Outlook does not show a preview of these “email messages.” So, you can already guess what will happen.
  • Is it appropriate for large-scale transfer? Once again, the answer is no. In most cases, converting emails from Thunderbird to Outlook by drag-and-drop takes a long time (for emails numbering in the hundreds). Anything above that is a waste of effort.
  • And what about data loss? A technique like this to convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook has almost always resulted in data loss. Whether it’s a lack of SMTP headers, incorrectly written letters, or corrupted email messages.

So, finally, you must choose between a free approach with the low-quality conversion of Thunderbird emails to Outlook and a specialized solution with a high-class transfer.

Are You Ready to Download and Test the Tool for Free?

Yes, This user-friendly tool is also available for a free trial to convert Thunderbird to Outlook. It is easy to download and convert 10 emails from Thunderbird to Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013. Simply compare the emails before and after conversion to determine how effective this tool is.

While the free solution is rendered ineffective, the program allows Outlook to import Thunderbird local folders. Download it now to put the converting process to the test.

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