Role of Vancouver Property Management in Finding You a Tenant Placement

Vancouver Property Management is one of the critical components for finding a tenant placement. It does not matter if you are a landlord looking for a

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Vancouver Property Management is one of the critical components for finding a tenant placement. It does not matter if you are a landlord looking for a qualified tenant for your property or a tenant seeking accommodation. The Matt Kuras team will provide you with the best property to suit your needs.

The benefits and advantages of working with us are vast. We include various services from experienced professionals in the industry, quality properties, efficient security systems and regular inspections, to name just a few. In addition, our management is committed to providing excellent customer service.

What Can Vancouver Property Management Do For Your Needs?

1. We will provide the best possible property to suit your needs.

2. Receive all rental income on a timely basis.

3. Regular property inspections and maintenance will be carried out promptly to ensure the property is well-maintained and safe for tenants.

4. We can help you find a tenant for your investment property and also be a point of contact for any tenant issues that may arise during the tenancy period, including evictions if necessary.

5. Vancouver Property Management can collect rent and handle property maintenance requests promptly.

6. You will receive pieces of mind knowing that your property is in good hands with our professional staff.

7. We are always available to take your calls and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the property, tenant or the management of your investment.

8. If a tenant needs to pay the rent on time, we will notify you and explain why they are not paying their rent.

9. Vancouver realtor is a BC-licensed property management company, which means you can rest assured that our management is well-qualified to manage your residential or commercial property.

10. If a tenant is causing damage to the property, we will assist in taking appropriate action to enforce their responsibilities for damages. In addition, we will inform you about the progress of repairs consistently.

What Can a Real Estate Calculator Do For You?

1. Help with the tenant selection process

2. Landlord-tenant agreement preparation

3. Property maintenance, care and maintenance plan (pest control plan) preparation/reviews.

4. Insurance and condominium board officers coordinate/review association notices and solicits to collect rents.

5. Record keeping.

6. Property inspection reports prepared by a competent professional engineer.

7. Assisting you with tenant application and tenant selection process

Why is it Important To Use BC Property Transfer Tax Calculator?

1. Pre-qualify your property to save on taxes, which is a crucial step in the rental/sale process.

2. Our BC property transfer tax calculator will calculate home and tenant income based on one number’s application. This number should be accurate and not over- or understating your income.

3. Putting down an amount that needs to be more accurate will result in a delay or possibly even rejection of your application.

4. Before you complete the rental/sale process, use our calculator to review the tax implications of your rental strategy. You will want to ensure you take appropriate risks that could cost you a lot in taxes.

5. Get a quick entire tenant income idea before completing your rental application or sale application. Avoid delays at the IIC office when viewing your property on behalf of your tenant or buyer.


The Matt Kuras Team can help you find the perfect tenant placement, manage your property and collect rent on time. For more information or to see what we can do for you, contact us today to protect, maintain and increase the value of your portfolio. Our services are constantly provided on a cost-effective basis, and we look forward to hearing from you. To know more, give us a call at tel:778-867-9980.