Restaurant and kitchen cleaning: cleanliness, a satisfaction factor


Restaurant and kitchen cleaning: cleanliness, a satisfaction factor

Restaurant and kitchen cleaning: cleanliness, a satisfaction factor In the restaurant or catering sector, cleanliness and hygiene are determining f

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Restaurant and kitchen cleaning: cleanliness, a satisfaction factor

In the restaurant or catering sector, cleanliness and hygiene are determining factors in the experience and in customer satisfaction. Guaranteeing exemplary cleanliness in your establishment is already a chance to increase the number of customers and keep them. 

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The customer experience in a restaurant

When the consumer leaves his home to go to a restaurant, multiple analysis factors will come into play to qualify his experience. In this process, it has been proven that cleanliness and hygiene can be more important than the service itself.

Customer satisfaction starts even before entering the restaurant. First impressions are key. The client is demanding and will pay attention to every detail.

The front of a restaurant and the menu make up the first impression. The cleanliness of the windows, the sign, the menu, and the decoration will be analyzed and will form the first positive or negative impression of the customer.

Perfect window cleaning and neat decoration will be synonymous with a clean and quality restaurant. A place is conducive to conviviality where the customer can have a good time. 

Once inside, the work of seduction does not stop there. Indeed, the inspection continues. The customer will then pay attention to the service, the sympathy of the servers, and the care given to him.

Then, the customer will analyze the room and will quickly notice a badly wiped table, dirty cutlery, or hair lying around.

A clean room with neat or themed decoration will promote a pleasant experience during a restaurant for two, with friends or family.

The last criterion that the customer will evaluate is the quality of the food. , in fact, the last arrival on the table the food will be analyzed. The opinion of the food is often influenced by the service and the cleanliness analyzed before.

In the restaurant and catering sector, we note that cleanliness is an essential element for the customer. Indeed, it plays a big role in the customer’s experience and influences his satisfaction. 

Improve customer satisfaction with perfect cleaning

In restaurants, as in catering, the watchword is cleanliness. Cleaning is an essential job to receive and satisfy customers in good conditions.

A better environment with a clean kitchen

A clean kitchen is the first step to good service and good customer satisfaction. With impeccable hygiene and cleanliness, your preparations will be organized and hygienic and thus promote quality. In addition, a clean kitchen improves the quality of the work of your staff.

Every day, the floor and the worktops must be cleaned with suitable and effective products. Don’t forget the trash cans. The dishes require attention to detail. Customers. easily notice even the smallest stain on cutlery or napkins. So be vigilant and use good degreasing products.

Restaurant and kitchen cleaning with SCS Group Integrated Services 

A restaurant and clean kitchens may be a cost, but it is a factor that generates revenue in the long term. Indeed, cleanliness is a synonym for quality and therefore satisfaction and loyalty for the customer.

In addition, keeping kitchens clean and appliances clean keeps them healthy longer and thus avoids maintenance costs.

SCS Group Integrated Services takes care of the cleaning of collective kitchens and restaurants, but also offers a dishwashing service and room service. With over 15 years of experience in cleaning, SCS Group Integrated Services offers you a professional team with suitable and environmentally friendly products.

With SCS Group Integrated Services, we are a cleaning company in Sydney, that ensures quality cleaning in your restaurant and kitchen, contact us for more information! Contact us for your quote for the cleaning of your restaurant